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Close One Door, Another One Opens

We all hear this all this time, but let's ask ourselves..... "Are we listening?" asks Higher Self. When we truly close the energetic door to that which no longer serves us, we receive far more. We ask our higher self to come into our lives and fill us to our highest being. Truly letting go of all that no longer serves us brings us greatest joy, happiness, sustainability in life, and protection on all levels. All we have to do is affirm, believe, let go of the words/thoughts and feel our breath.

 I have a meditation I would love to share with you all. It is one that I have been doing off and on for 3-4 years and I LOVE IT.  

Sit quietly in an area that is calm and where there will be no distractions.
Sit tall with back straight. 
Relax your shoulders. 
Allow the energy to slightly move you.
SURRENDER to this!
Bring your attention to your breath and feel it go in, feel in go out. 
Allow your natural breath, while calmly inhaling deeply and fully exhaling.
Visualize a bright hallway…