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Small Reminder on Affirmations & How to use them

Affirmations are so important and vital in living in a world that is so busy in the mental world. Our mind/intellectual body is our servant and our God-given gift. We utilize our minds by acknowledging our thought process and by Acknowledging our feelings connected to our thoughts. Affirmations are key to the shift in our consciousness because they allow our present moment to be filled with love, gratitude, high frequency, inner power, and accomplishment. It is important to allow yourself to think whatever you want but if you are noticing your thoughts and feelings are low or draining, you can replace the thoughts with affirmations that help your present mood. 

Begin your day before you get out of bed with just one affirmation. I use the same affirmation every morning which is, "I give my life to God to guide today." I lay and meditate after releasing the affirmation by following my breath. Then get out of bed and start my day being perfectly guide filled with every moment of…