Saturday, October 18, 2014



In this race we begin to face

The Love that is all around us 

Kukui nuts are soo hilarious

When they are falling all around us

The fairy knows the truth of all

& Elf stands strong against the fog

Know love is all around us 

The time & space is all erased

& Parallel worlds will finds us

The time spelled backwards is emit

& Balancing frequencies will exist 

That we know is all around us 

Now take deep breaths and know

Butterflies & moss on carpets glow

The race we live is mere intention 

Kukuis know it's not a competition!

Written by Shawnee in Kalalau Valley 10/12/14

thank you for the photo Nadine May, check out website please! ( ) :)
Kukui is light in Hawaiian

(Kukui is light in Hawaiian)

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