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Freestyling Love

Freestyling Love
Turn your speakers up and listen while reading. (Press play on video above) 
Tenfold lotus open sing to hold your hand  we dance a twirl sink to the whirl there's no I in we or Y in our  there's no Island, We live in Monsoon Brothers Sisters Aunts Friends, lets fly to moon carrying wings of angels while allowing flow surrendering fight circling might  believing, unfolding nurturing until all unknowing  letting go of all anger into rocks of mother's belly peanut butter, almond butter with rye - some jelly  listen to unfold heart sorrows of tomorrow's rise  Balance and Be the flame's friend of color to beckoning 
moon for we are on the way to greater unknown  remembering what is present - been so all along. ♥ Bella Healing ♥ Shawnee Faye Hunter