Definite Idealized Future

It does not have to be a certain way! This has been a huge lesson of 2016 and now, 2017. The more my mind tries to confine things, definitely plan, build walls/ladders, scope out the avenue of the best fitting, the more I come to this very lesson. Let go, Let God, spiritual bypassing, yes I understand to some degree. Life being a new mother has been teaching me to a HUGE degree the importance of this Let Go, Let God. To me, I have been learning to trust in this and be present. While being absolutely real with myself by looking within, I am utilizing different tools to help me be gentle with myself. Read more if you would like a few tips on how to make actions based on your heart vs. your mind. Of course not pushing your mind aside but seeing the mindless chatter that may be creating the box of it having to be a ‘certain way’. 
                    “Oh yes; I will go to school, meet the man of my dreams far away on an island, get married, have a children, slave my ass off…


Mother Theresa was a world known saint and still lives present in our hearts. She carried a force that needs to be recognized. She was a powerful woman of love, who gave so much. I watched a documentary about her and one of her interns told a story about her experience with Mother Theresa. Mother Theresa asked her before leaving her internship if she had any questions. The intern asked her why she didn't say anything to the wealthy men who treated her with disrespect, why she allowed them to be that way to her. These men talked to Mother with power driven anger as if Mother was filth. She asked the intern to love these men, love these men like you love the needy children who are starving on the streets. They need the love just as much, if not more.

I am remembering this part of the documentary and wanted to share why I choose to bring it up now. We are living in a time where so much of our darkness is coming to the surface. Pain, suffering, loss, blame, shame, regret, remorse, fear…

Dear Great Spirit - (tribute to Sean M. Rollnick, Father of our child.)

Dear Great Spirit,
Thank you. Thank you for choosing me to live this life. Thank you for showing me the way so clearly. Thank you for bringing me joy, happiness, sadness, pain, anger, suffering, blissfulness, sorrow, grief, and all the emotions that come with being a human. Thank you for the rain, the plants, the food, the trees, the sun, and the wind. Thank you for teaching me through peers. Thank you for the experience that is with giving and receiving. Thank you for the faith that you continue to fill me up with, even in times of the heavy emotions. Thank you for the union. Thank you for the reminders of continued growth and strength. Thank you for the lessons that come my way. Thank you for the amazing people you send me in my life, even those I cannot see. Thank you for encouraging me to be the best mommmy I can be. Thank you for teaching me.
     Today I write to you in this way to share with the world our relationship together and to honor a beloved soul who has blessed me with h…

Support The Entry of An Earth Angel

Aloha from Kauai, HI!!
Wow, What an adventure life is and WOW how thankful I am to be alive everyday enjoying this journey! Measurement can not add up to the amount of gratitude I have in my heart for everyday that goes by. This little baby growing inside of my body is a female and she named herself Cheyenne. I had a named picked out for a girl before I found out her sex and one day while meditating/communicating with this baby spirit I heard. "my name is not Siahna, I AM CHEYENNE. Very clearly very strong she came through with this message. I am like WOW, okay so boy or girl- Cheyenne it is! Once I found out that she was a girl I announced on Facebook Cheyenne Faye is a girl, my mom contacted me and said "Did you know that your dad and I almost named you Cheyenne Faye?!," NOPE sure did not know that or even think about naming her Cheyenne, and I am not even sure if she like Cheyenne Faye. <3 Powerful little being she is already. 
I am loving being on Kauai during this…

Invest In yourSelf, Love On YourSelf, Be With YourSelf

I woke up one morning asking myself, Would I hire myself for a career? Yes, absolutely, you bet your bottom dollar I would hire myself. So that was the day that I decided to hire ME to work for myself. I learned since that day I have attracted more opportunities that line up with who I truly am and why I chose to come here. I realized that loving on myself,  truly be present with myself and investing in myself by doing what I love, The Universe pays. I will give you 5 tips that really help me along this ongoing process that may help you!!...

No matter if it is washing the dishes, doing laundry, walking your dog, hiking, working, planting a garden, sitting on facebook, watching tv, reading a book, you get the idea..... LOVE what you choose to do...... This life is absolutely, way too short and why not enjoy every moment of it? Even the moments of great challenge, pain or suffering..... enjoy that you are a human being in the midst of the journey, completing each task.…


              Dear Friends and Family,
              Yes! I have a little baby growing inside me. :-) I think that it is a perfect time to share this, oh so wonderful news, I am 11 weeks pregnant and due in April. I am sharing with the world to introduce my intentions and to sum up a quick version of where I am in my life. Most of you reading this have watch me transform on a grand scale, into many different versions of my greatest self. I am always changing and for the best, thank you GOD. Thank you ALL for showing me love and support by commenting, liking, sending me uplifting encouragement, and being the amazing human beings you are! I wouldn't be here writing this blog today, if it were not for my friends and family inspiring me to keep on shining. I am posting some pictures to show my transformation to just give you the tiniest idea of the intense transformation I have been through in the last 3 years of my life (really started on December 21,2012).