Top Lessons of the 20s (now that I'm 30)

Well, I just made it to 30 years old yesterday! That's a huge milestone right!~? I am so excited about the 30's, God willing I can be here to enjoy them! The twenties were an amazing time too! If I was to sum it up in the smallest form, my personality shifted like this… 
from starting out an alcoholic, church-going lost girl  to a stressed out, coca-cola and citibank employee  to a traveling, free loving hippie chick  to a rooted, responsible devoted mother. 
Along my travels and experiences I would say my main lessons were listed below.I am grateful to share. I hope you enjoy and are able to pick up something that you may need to learn.
1.I am already approved. Yes, that’s right. I do not need your approval. I seek my hearts approval.
2. Not taking it personal. Holding space. Being present. Being human. Choosing to breathe and understand that your problems are not going to shape my experience into a negative one. I have free will to walk away or be with you with an open and lo…

Kauai 2016 Birth Movie for Sean. We miss you.

For Sean, Cheyenne, Self and all others who love :)

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Definite Idealized Future

It does not have to be a certain way! This has been a huge lesson of 2016 and now, 2017. The more my mind tries to confine things, definitely plan, build walls/ladders, scope out the avenue of the best fitting, the more I come to this very lesson. Let go, Let God, spiritual bypassing, yes I understand to some degree. Life being a new mother has been teaching me to a HUGE degree the importance of this Let Go, Let God. To me, I have been learning to trust in this and be present. While being absolutely real with myself by looking within, I am utilizing different tools to help me be gentle with myself. Read more if you would like a few tips on how to make actions based on your heart vs. your mind. Of course not pushing your mind aside but seeing the mindless chatter that may be creating the box of it having to be a ‘certain way’. 
                    “Oh yes; I will go to school, meet the man of my dreams far away on an island, get married, have a children, slave my ass off…


Mother Theresa was a world known saint and still lives present in our hearts. She carried a force that needs to be recognized. She was a powerful woman of love, who gave so much. I watched a documentary about her and one of her interns told a story about her experience with Mother Theresa. Mother Theresa asked her before leaving her internship if she had any questions. The intern asked her why she didn't say anything to the wealthy men who treated her with disrespect, why she allowed them to be that way to her. These men talked to Mother with power driven anger as if Mother was filth. She asked the intern to love these men, love these men like you love the needy children who are starving on the streets. They need the love just as much, if not more.

I am remembering this part of the documentary and wanted to share why I choose to bring it up now. We are living in a time where so much of our darkness is coming to the surface. Pain, suffering, loss, blame, shame, regret, remorse, fear…