Thursday, June 22, 2017

Feeling Good to Be at Home! (Short blog; Super New Moon Cancer)

Hey guys! Here is a little blog I wrote this evening, I hope it helps you navigate a little of this super new moon in cancer energy! 

Finally after 5 years of traveling and living the birth cycle of an angel, I finally feel at home.  As a whole community we may be living out lessons that are wrapped around our home life. Not only outer manifestations of home life but how we feel in our bodies. Most of my early life, I have been uncomfortable to be in my body. Whether it was having eating disorders, attempting suicide, being around unhealthy relationships, drinking myself stupid, running away from what I love to do, not appreciating my body, always wanting to move around, and many other examples I care not to list. These were distractions taking me away from my spirit and not being present in my body. Maybe some of you reading this can relate in some way. I feel now, I am learning the importance of really choosing love for myself, so that I can appreciate being more at home in my body. This time right now is not only about being comfortable in your home space and your sense of security, it is also about being comfortable and at peace with living in your magical body. Listening to your body. Giving it plenty of nourishment by drinking plenty of water and eating mighty whole foods, dedicating plenty of silence, and exercise/movement. Of course it is a daily practice and I encourage everyone to take this journey with me. I am excited to finally feel comfortable in my body and in my home space. I am living my passions and continuing to take baby steps toward more goals and passions yet to discover. I feel open and free to be seen; for I love my spirit to shine through my body. Thank you for reading my blog and my entry today. I am offering free friendly counseling to those that may be struggling with life right now. I am not a professional because I do not receive money to hold space and listen. I am your friend, with an open, compassion heart ready to be present. When advice is asked for; I would love to give with what may relate in your current situation, by listening to my intuition and body. Thank you for taking baby steps toward your own self-inner peace in your body, so that you may finally feel at home to be living in it. –Shawnee Faye Hunter

A great way to live this moment is to take a deep breathe in and out;
Then Affirm with your heart and mind:
I am comfortable to be living in my body. I feel at home and excited for my spirit to shine through my body.
Then release all expectations of outcomes-let go!
Thank you for reading and being!
Happy Super New Moon in Cancer!

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