Saturday, March 25, 2017

Focus and Feel; Inner Self Work How to navigate this new moon in Aries.

Integration with the self-love process is the best way of approaching the change that is and  will be coming. How important is it for the baby to exercise their body and allow their muscles to grow before the take off for their first step.  They are preparing their bodies of that change. We are preparing our minds, our emotions, our soul, and energy allowing the open spaces for change with gentleness. It activates our entire being, especially during this Aries energy. The new moon is coming up on March 28 with a lot of energy happening in the initiation area. Allow yourself quiet time by meditating, counting your breath, living in the present moment and paying it forward to those you love near and dear.  Venus is also in retrograde now and during the new moon. She goes direct on April 15 giving us all the opportunities to re-evaluate our lives around what we love, relationships, and how to feel about our own individual selves. Because we are in Aries and the inner work we are doing is how we show up in the world, we must work deeply on our own self-work. Yes, be selfish but not impulsive. With this energy we may come upon other people projecting their fears, worries, and doubts on us ( or we might be projecting, so pay attention to mirrors and self), we must stand strong in our individual power. Listen to your gut and feelings about situations you may find yourself in. Always know with fiery energy of Aries there is the Mars energy although we are in a good conversation with mars in all of this energy.  Right now is not the best time to go forward with starting new projects or relationships because we are more in energy of finishing out energy that may be still present in current relationships. This does not mean do not start new projects or relationships, it simply means that if it arises to do so with caution and live on the sidelines without committing or “signing the dotted line”.  We are all undergoing a massive change through out the world and it is super important to allow whatever is presenting in your life right now to be here and accept it. Accept whatever it is and whatever perception you have on it. If it does not line up with how you want to feel or how you feel now then simply start making small actions everyday to get you to where you feel  it will benefit you an your path. Be gentle and be accepting of everything right now. Seeing what changes and making them when the time is right is really where we need to be focusing on. We are in for a great new moon coming up and I encourage everyone to truly set clear boundaries with all your relations and most importantly respect your own boundaries and limits, doing your best to listen to how you truly need to show up in the world. Be sure to nurture yourself and help balance out your self care and relationship care appropriately that feel right for you and them :0) Thank you for reading, please subscribe if you would like to receive more blogs. Thank you <3

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