Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Definite Idealized Future

               It does not have to be a certain way! This has been a huge lesson of 2016 and now, 2017. The more my mind tries to confine things, definitely plan, build walls/ladders, scope out the avenue of the best fitting, the more I come to this very lesson. Let go, Let God, spiritual bypassing, yes I understand to some degree. Life being a new mother has been teaching me to a HUGE degree the importance of this Let Go, Let God. To me, I have been learning to trust in this and be present. While being absolutely real with myself by looking within, I am utilizing different tools to help me be gentle with myself. Read more if you would like a few tips on how to make actions based on your heart vs. your mind. Of course not pushing your mind aside but seeing the mindless chatter that may be creating the box of it having to be a ‘certain way’. 
                    “Oh yes; I will go to school, meet the man of my dreams far away on an island, get married, have a children, slave my ass off being a mother and employee somewhere, die and enjoy every almost every moment.” Said the past Shawnee at some point. Haha, How does life take turns? If I spoke to my younger self, that my life looks the way it does now, I would not have believed myself. Which is why I am writing this inspirational message today. In hopes, that I may, somehow reach to your ever present heart reading this and cause an explosion of awareness. I hope this causes a sensation that tingles all over your body to feel in this complete present moment. Life does not have to be any one certain way. Setting expectations of yourself and others will at times set yourself up for disappointment, grief, sadness, and any other emotions to work through and feel. Which is completely important and so worth it in every way. By mapping out my future in the past it caused me so many let downs and so much heart ache. I have been practicing remaining in the present by remember to look at my breath. When I say this I mean I pay attention to my breath by counting to 4 each inhale(4sec), hold(4sec), exhale(4sec), hold(4sec), and so on. For me, this has been working miracles on remaining present if I find myself rambling in the mind again. 
                      I honor you and your path where ever you are right now. I pray that 2017 is treating you with gentleness and care. Last year was a bitter-sweet rollercoaster for me. Experiencing birth and death of dear loved ones within 2 months of each other was life changing. To give birth to a beautiful baby girl and two months later loose her father was the most emotional pain I’ve ever felt. Although, I feel right now I am over coming a major illness that has been present in my emotional body for years. Finally breaking free of the burden and weight that I have been carrying around my whole life. It is quite refreshing and to be quite honest a breath of fresh air to feel this right now. To be working on LETTING GO and LETTING GOD completely take the reins and moving forward with life. I am listening to the signs and working hard everyday toward being LOVE and GRATITUDE. I encourage everyone else to do so as well!
                     Life does not have to look any certain way….. What does that mean to you? Do you shape the future around your ideas and pre conceived wonders? Do you feel sad when things do not work out the way you “saw” them. As a visionary, I am learning that seeing and trusting my heart vs. my preconceived ideas from the mind, is one key recipe in accomplishing the relinquished future tripping our mind does. Now saying this is so easier than practical application. This is where practice comes in. Continuously tapping into your entire being by dedicating at least 5 minutes everyday of sitting in silence to meditate. This also does not have to look like anything your mind wants to make it look like. It is simply breathing, sitting still and being at the fundamental core. When I do this I Feel my heart space and breathe into my heart area giving it so much gratitude for keeping me alive.      
               How can we remain completely open to going with the flow of the waters? How can we fully let go of all that no longer serves us? Are we ready to dive deep into our own bodies, minds, and souls to remember our real beauty? Be easy on yourself with this journey of self-progression and sand down the rough edges by taking baby steps everyday. Be open to receiving the signs that are all around us and ask for help to release the need to control everything the mind wants to play out by having to “do it a certain way”. A smooth integration is highly recommended when doing any real self-work. I commend you for doing so and thank you so much for reading my words today. I am an open book and would love to connect with anyone who felt called to reach out. Remember we are never alone and are supported by the COSMOS!!

Written by Shawnee Faye Hunter

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