Sunday, May 25, 2014


Not really, I am have like a little bit of hair right now (it's growing super fast!!!) and just a tiny bit!! I shaved the last thing I had grown an attachment to. I sacrificed and let go fully that which no longer served me anymore. With all this transformation and integration I have somehow managed to gather up the courage and strength it took for myself to fully let go of all human discord of past creations. This was my full intention of the removal of my hair! What a detox it has been and how powerful I feel right now! I can fully love myself for who I am. I can allow others to fully love me who I am really am. Who you really are, who we really are. We are God's children. We are children of the Prime Creator, Source, Great Mystery, Great spirit, One Love, Jah, and so on, you catchin' my drift!! I have realized in my lifetime that this is not a beauty contest, or competition against one another. This about creating win win situations for one another, letting go of our judgements, living together while appreciating our Mother Earth, giving and receiving equally. This about being unique, learning, growing, accepting, and putting down the fences. I want to say thank you to all the people who have told me how beautiful I am with no hair, and who accept me as God's child. We are here only as the faucet and God being the water, that we all are.

 I am excited about the different phases my hair is going to go and I have Brandi, my soul sister hairstylist to do cool stuff with it along the way. Ha, I said I would never shave my hair because I loved my hair so much. I was so attached to it, in fact, infatuated with it. Before doing so I kept meeting amazing Goddesses that shaved their head and I saw this "glow" about them that is indescribable! When my friend was talking about someone they know who did I felt such a strong resonance with the whole ceremony, I did not quite understand it. I had to do it and I feel so empowered doing so, and recommend it to anyone that this resonates with. I have a friend who I can contact in the Asheville area that does the ceremony to do so if you are interested. Just contact me and I will be happy to speak more with you. Although Brandi and I had our own little ceremony, I fully trust this lady who follows her passion. :) I wanted to share a new post with all my friends and family who keep up with the crazy life of Bald Enchantment, so thank you for reading! <3 By the way my spiritual name was given to me last weekend at the Faery and Earth Festival and it is Enchantment! I felt a huge wave of energy move through me when I heard the "revealer" inform me :) Also, I have gotten back to making headbands aka Enchantment Crowns, Hippie Flower Crowns. Check out my shop on Etsy. I got all types of sizes and styles and lots more to add, just got to get more time to do so with working four jobs and all (five counting the crown creations!!! ;)
  Thank you for shining your inner beauty and realizing this isn't who has the best car, house, more money, longest hair, shortest hair, purple hair, or even NO HAIR lol, ETC.
It is about who has the loudest, funniest laugh and who had the most fun that day!! Let's get together and realize we can let go of our tight grip to the attachment and have a tight grip around our back when we are hugging ourselves! That feels way better than buying the most expensive rolex in the case right?! I love and accept you for your uniqueness, now embrace it, if you're not already!
With love Aloha.
Enchantment :-)

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