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              Dear Friends and Family,
              Yes! I have a little baby growing inside me. :-) I think that it is a perfect time to share this, oh so wonderful news, I am 11 weeks pregnant and due in April. I am sharing with the world to introduce my intentions and to sum up a quick version of where I am in my life. Most of you reading this have watch me transform on a grand scale, into many different versions of my greatest self. I am always changing and for the best, thank you GOD. Thank you ALL for showing me love and support by commenting, liking, sending me uplifting encouragement, and being the amazing human beings you are! I wouldn't be here writing this blog today, if it were not for my friends and family inspiring me to keep on shining. I am posting some pictures to show my transformation to just give you the tiniest idea of the intense transformation I have been through in the last 3 years of my life (really started on December 21,2012).