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Support The Entry of An Earth Angel

Aloha from Kauai, HI!!
Wow, What an adventure life is and WOW how thankful I am to be alive everyday enjoying this journey! Measurement can not add up to the amount of gratitude I have in my heart for everyday that goes by. This little baby growing inside of my body is a female and she named herself Cheyenne. I had a named picked out for a girl before I found out her sex and one day while meditating/communicating with this baby spirit I heard. "my name is not Siahna, I AM CHEYENNE. Very clearly very strong she came through with this message. I am like WOW, okay so boy or girl- Cheyenne it is! Once I found out that she was a girl I announced on Facebook Cheyenne Faye is a girl, my mom contacted me and said "Did you know that your dad and I almost named you Cheyenne Faye?!," NOPE sure did not know that or even think about naming her Cheyenne, and I am not even sure if she like Cheyenne Faye. <3 Powerful little being she is already. 
I am loving being on Kauai during this…