Saturday, February 13, 2016

Support The Entry of An Earth Angel

Aloha from Kauai, HI!!

Wow, What an adventure life is and WOW how thankful I am to be alive everyday enjoying this journey! Measurement can not add up to the amount of gratitude I have in my heart for everyday that goes by. This little baby growing inside of my body is a female and she named herself Cheyenne. I had a named picked out for a girl before I found out her sex and one day while meditating/communicating with this baby spirit I heard. "my name is not Siahna, I AM CHEYENNE. Very clearly very strong she came through with this message. I am like WOW, okay so boy or girl- Cheyenne it is! Once I found out that she was a girl I announced on Facebook Cheyenne Faye is a girl, my mom contacted me and said "Did you know that your dad and I almost named you Cheyenne Faye?!," NOPE sure did not know that or even think about naming her Cheyenne, and I am not even sure if she like Cheyenne Faye. <3 Powerful little being she is already. 

I am loving being on Kauai during this time of our lives. Remaining present and thankful for everything that this land and her people gift to us. We are so thankful to be on this island to give our service and love to in return. We (Cheyenne and I) are staying on land in a small farming town called Moloaa with a couple Earth Angels. Since I returned onto the island in November I have been residing in my van traveling around doing projects and working in different areas of the island, feeling out where the land wanted us to be to invest energy into. So thankful that we have landed in Moloaa for the birth. I got hired at an amazing Kava Bar that is a shockingly refreshing health/wellness bar. It is under new management and we are in the process of a great integration. It feels really good to be apart of that integration and be able to invest our energy into something we believe in. I am taking it easy though really pursuing that relaxation time for Cheyenne and I. I must say though through out this pregnancy to relax and rest has been an ultimate challenge although I feel the importance of it and am honoring us both to maintain that balance of work/rest. 

As of right now I have been seeing a western doctor in Kapaa, Hi. I do not plan on having her in a hospital though, I am going to keep up with check ups and doing the normal tests to make sure she is healthy and that I am healthy. All is great. The pregnancy is going really great; we are very healthy. I do not have a midwife yet, although I am excited to speak with one and see if it is right for us. I visualize us being out in nature and around people we love. Water birth is a perfect integration from womb to water to air and we are excited to experience this. The cost for a midwife here is 1600$ and right now I don't have that and I really wanted to reach out to the community and give the opportunity for people we love to help support in any way possible. Also we are still needing some vital things such as a car seat, warmer clothes, soft/warm blankets, cloth diapers, cloth diaper pins, soaps that are gentle for Cheyenne, baby bath tub,baby slings/carrying cloth, baby swing, and anything comfortable Mommy will need during this integration. My mailing address is PO BOX 950 Kekaha Hi 96752, if anyone feels called to send anything. I really do not want any toys for her being that I do not have space to store them until she's old enough to play with them. I already have a lot of stuff so everything I listed is what I need as of right now and will return to update as I receive. <3 thank you Family and Friends !!!! 


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