Friday, September 23, 2016


Mother Theresa was a world known saint and still lives present in our hearts. She carried a force that needs to be recognized. She was a powerful woman of love, who gave so much. I watched a documentary about her and one of her interns told a story about her experience with Mother Theresa. Mother Theresa asked her before leaving her internship if she had any questions. The intern asked her why she didn't say anything to the wealthy men who treated her with disrespect, why she allowed them to be that way to her. These men talked to Mother with power driven anger as if Mother was filth. She asked the intern to love these men, love these men like you love the needy children who are starving on the streets. They need the love just as much, if not more.

I am remembering this part of the documentary and wanted to share why I choose to bring it up now. We are living in a time where so much of our darkness is coming to the surface. Pain, suffering, loss, blame, shame, regret, remorse, fear, sadness, confusion, and brutality etc. I say our darkness because it is not the leaders, it is not the ones in power, it is not just one persons or one group of people. It is ALL of us. We share this great pain and it is a time of great purification.  A time to allow all to come to the surface of whatever form it may take. There is a split happening with humanity and I am writing to remind everyone to WAKE up and choose love. To remember that this is not the fault of anyone but ours. It is humanity that is choosing to continue to blame the other instead of taking ownership. If you are going through a challenging time in your life right now, just know you are not alone. We are in this together.  It is important to show whatever that may be coming up to you in your life, love. Take ownership of whatever it is without playing a victim. Recognize it is happening because of our shared relationship of humanity. Love the pain so much, love the shame so much that you wrap it enfolding it in light and love. This takes practice, steady practice and patience. With yourself and with others. 

Mother Theresa loved us all so deep.... she gave her life to serve, to painstakingly love..... let's start with this remembrance..... here is my prayer. 

Dear heavenly Father and Mother, 
I pray that humanity comes together and remembers the relationship we all share together. I pray there is compassion in every single human filled with so much grace. I pray there is forgiveness in every heart that beats in this world. I pray that the we, the people of this world remember our light and self love. I pray we care for ourselves by being grateful for our bodies, our hearts, our minds and our souls. I pray we remember the worth of receiving love. I pray we give love, compassion, understanding and trust to those who need it the most, including ourself. I pray that the darkness we all share comes to the surface and that we are able to take ownership of our actions. I pray that we allow forgiveness and that we all do the work it requires to move forward into the light. I pray that every man and woman cares for their neighbor, child, self and every being on Earth, no matter what race, religion or political standing. I pray that we lay down the foundation going forward for our future generations to be able to live here in peace. I pray that our future generations will not know what fighting is. I pray that we all remember to be thankful for our waters and for our food that give us life. I pray we all care for, tend to and nurture Mother Earth. I pray we all have a full remembrance of the beauty that is all around us. I pray that our eyes remain open to see the love that we truly are. I pray our ears open up to listen to the sounds of nature and signs it gives us. I pray that we drop our swords and stop fighting each other, and remember we are really fighting inside. I pray for the innocence of our child inside to shine and carry forward with a playfulness. I pray that each one of our inner child is cared for and remembered forever.
This is I ask in the heavenly Fathers son's name, Jesus Christ 

My prayer will continue on with more and more prayer, because I know and have felt the power of prayer..... I am accepted as a child of God and so are you. Ask and you shall receive.... Let's start asking for help. Let's be specific with what we are asking for. Ask your angels for help. Ask your angels and ask your higher self, great spirit (however you want to refer to) to show you clear signs. 

Mother Theresa is a beacon of this light. She knew this light very well. She lived in this light, served this light, loved this light. She was protected, illumined, sustained, and supplied by this light and she blessed this light. So are we.... we all just have to remember. So are you choosing to live in this light as well? With the light comes the darkness yes... although the darkness is not what defines us. It is the light where we can see the definition of our true beauty. It is the the shadow that reminds us there is light. Thank you all for being here and reading this sharing. I encourage you to share so that others may say and feel this prayer and have the opportunity to remember their light as well. 

Whatever may be going on in your life, always remember you are not alone and you have support everywhere, you just have to ask for help. Mother Theresa will listen and she will send her mighty angels in to help! All you have to do is ask, believe and be ready to receive the greatness of your answer. Hope you are ready!!! Now is the time to LOVE LIKE MOTHER THERESA LOVED !

With love and aloha, 
Shawnee Faye

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