Thursday, October 19, 2017

Top Lessons of the 20s (now that I'm 30)

Well, I just made it to 30 years old yesterday! That's a huge milestone right!~? I am so excited about the 30's, God willing I can be here to enjoy them! The twenties were an amazing time too! If I was to sum it up in the smallest form, my personality shifted like this… 

from starting out an alcoholic, church-going lost girl
 to a stressed out, coca-cola and citibank employee
 to a traveling, free loving hippie chick
 to a rooted, responsible devoted mother. 

Along my travels and experiences I would say my main lessons were listed below.  I am grateful to share. I hope you enjoy and are able to pick up something that you may need to learn.

1. I am already approved. Yes, that’s right. I do not need your approval. I seek my hearts approval.

2. Not taking it personal. Holding space. Being present. Being human. Choosing to breathe and understand that your problems are not going to shape my experience into a negative one. I have free will to walk away or be with you with an open and loving heart through your experience. 

3. Keeping loyalty with relationships that support me and who I am. If you don’t approve of my actions, my deeds, my being in anyway… I am sorry, I love you, thank you for being you, Please forgive me, although I am moving forward on my path with little or no contact with you.

4. I choose  to completely take ownership of my actions, and if I am called out by any of my loyal relations, I want to learn how to be better. I choose not to deny, to run, to be blinded.

5. I choose to see that I am only doing and being the best that I can be. I am choosing not to be hard on myself because that doesn’t serve either. I am gentle and give myself a lot of praise for being here and accomplishing my deeds. I choose to own up to my mistakes and learn how to correct, and teach my lessons if asked for in the future.

6. I stay connected with the moon cycle. I listen and FEEL my emotions in healthy ways and understand the moon has so much relation with the emotions. If I choose unhealthy ways to express my emotions, I seek help from loyal relations. I know that I am not my emotions and they move through me. I learned how to connect with Mother Earth and how to release my emotions to her. I look up at the moon so I can see what phase we are in and understand that each phase supports different actions in my life. When to start new projects, when to complete, when to be more introverted or extroverted, when to take actions, when to discern, and other amazing gifts the connection to the moon phase’s offer.

7. How to trust myself. I guess I didn’t listen to my intuition so many times that I learned it probably is best to just listen the first time!!! My intuition is really good and the moment I doubt it, the toughest lesson comes. The lesson that is like WAM BAM THANK YOU MAM, you should have listened to your intuition……


9. Understand.


11. Just Laugh.......Laughing is my medicine. Truly... I love to laugh. 

12. Enlightenment is a state of being in which I can and do obtain many moments; like this one. 

13. Personal Space. That includes thought space, emotional space, physical space. Boundaries. Set them with those you love dearly and with those not so close. I learned that some people just have no idea unless you say something and its really not so bad telling people what your boundaries are. Not everyone will take offense and those who do probably aren’t supportive people to have around anyways. People who are supportive, will understand and honor you more when you speak up about how you feel about your space.

14. I am the “Mature Adult”, the ”Loving Parent”, and the “Playful Child”. That’s also right, I am all three of these (and more, lol) and if one is out of balance (as in not getting enough time to say what goes,) it will either be immature, hateful, or a suppressed child. Of course these could manifest in other forms but you get the point. I have learned to give each one of these archetypes love, care and opportunity to lead the way. 

15. Last, but certainly not least; I have learned (and still learning) how to hold complete compassion, love and understanding to my relations amongst conflict or disagreement. I do understand that those who want to heal and work through conflict will do their best to show up so we can walk away feeling good and heard in healthy ways.

 Let's face it, it does't matter how old you are, this applies to all! These lessons are here for us to GROW.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading my blog today. Feel free to subscribe and/or share if you haven’t already ! It feels good to connect with the world by writing.

Shawnee Faye Hunter

Top Lessons of the 20s (now that I'm 30)

Well, I just made it to 30 years old yesterday! That's a huge milestone right!~? I am so excited about the 30's, God willing I can ...