Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What would someone who loves themselves do?

Please watch this very short but very educating video on self love. We are searching for the love inside us and the enlightenment of this world comes faster when you truly love yourself. Hug yourself, you are making the right choices for yourself. <3 Teal Scott Self Love

Thursday, June 6, 2013

9 Breath Method Lesson Inspired by Jeff Primack

I learned the 9 Breath Method at Qi Activation Seminar a couple weeks ago. It has changed my life in the best way ever! I feel more energetic, balanced, rooted, stable and secure. Please share with friends and family this super method to becoming more at PEACE! 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Each one of you inspire me! Thank you :-)

Tina Malia's Heal This Land, Together we are the change we want to see. Please click on this outlined sentence to watch the video and feel the love! <3 

Wings of dove are carrying our grace and love.

Pure like the water and we are shining forever more.

Loving and holding each of our friend's hands. 
Lifting, singing, dancing while lands gather the sea.
We smile and snuggle knowing that everything that no longer assists us will be released. 
On wings of a dove and birds of a feather we are flying all holding hands and laughing together. 


I love you all and forever more, rise and awake from slumber and see that we are here evolving growing with the essence of family love. 
-Shawnee Faye Hunter ♥

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