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Mighty I AM Presence, Take Out of Me The Feeling that Obstructs The Way

 Speak to your Mighty I AM. For more information on the Mighty I AM go to Saint Germain Foundation. (click link)

SAY AND AFFIRM before you sleep: MIGHTY I AM PRESENCE, Charge my world with your wondrous perfection. While this body sleeps, through my Higher Mental Body pour forth such Mighty Rays and Radiance of Light into my world, that every human creation and discordant thing there is dissolved forever! 

Say Yes To What Is and Learn How to Accept

Can we stop in our steps and just accept all that is presented to us at all times? Acceptance that we are infinite beyond all measures and can do anything we put our mind's to. We are fun-loving gladiators of the Universe with the power of our thoughts to help shape it. I am finding more in my life the meaning of acceptance. Learning that the most simplest thing to do is the hardest thing to accomplish because we are over thinkers. Why do we have to be so complex and over analyze everything that comes into our lives? Why don't we just accept the fact that self love is the only way to go and self acceptance is the most rewarding. Acceptance of everyone and their own paths is very challenging and once we overcome this we feel like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders. We think oh, what their doing is wrong and they should do this that way, etc. This is judgement and therefore we judge ourselves. We need to sweep around our own doors and start simple by remembering it's…