Monday, October 7, 2013

Say Yes To What Is and Learn How to Accept

Can we stop in our steps and just accept all that is presented to us at all times? Acceptance that we are infinite beyond all measures and can do anything we put our mind's to. We are fun-loving gladiators of the Universe with the power of our thoughts to help shape it. I am finding more in my life the meaning of acceptance. Learning that the most simplest thing to do is the hardest thing to accomplish because we are over thinkers. Why do we have to be so complex and over analyze everything that comes into our lives? Why don't we just accept the fact that self love is the only way to go and self acceptance is the most rewarding. Acceptance of everyone and their own paths is very challenging and once we overcome this we feel like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders. We think oh, what their doing is wrong and they should do this that way, etc. This is judgement and therefore we judge ourselves. We need to sweep around our own doors and start simple by remembering it's baby steps. Some ways that help me accept everything around me are the following reminders. It's a learning process; we must be open and allow our all knowing intuition in to help. 

  • Notice our thinking pattern. Acknowledge all thoughts and be the true creator we are by choosing to feed the good ones. Don't discriminate if we have a negative thought just realize it and say YOU HAVE NO POWER. Replace with a better thought.  
  • Hug yourself daily. It works and I am a walking living proof of it. Try it! HUG YOURSELF DAILY. IF you are here reading this right now that means you deserve this reminder. REWARD YOURSELF! <3 
  • ACCEPT ACCEPT ACCEPT ACCEPT. Accept compliments by taking a deep breath in to accept this energy given to us. We obviously are well deserving of the compliment in the first place! Accept help when offered with true intentions. Accept other people for their flaws. Accept ourselves for our own flaws. Accept the grass being green or in some cases brown. Accept the Sky being rainy on a day we wanted sunshine. Accept our feelings are apart of the package. Accept that they are not always going to be roses and sunlight beach days. Accept our family with all their flaws.
  • BE HUMOROUS! Look at the life around us with a light soft touch. Let go of the weight we all want carry onto so badly! LET GO and just LAUGH A LITTLE BIT ! Not everything has to be all serious ALL the time ya know?
  • Sing or hum while we're out shopping or anywhere in public please. People need light hearted people like us in their world. Hearing someone else hum brings so much joy into my own life it truly gets me high.
  • REMEMBER TO BREATHE. Deep conscious rounding out lower belly breaths are the breadwinners. Bring that oxygen into our body all over so our red blood cells can separate and celebrate!!! Attract our heart's truest desires faster with these breaths meanwhile giving our body all the well deserve love it requires.  
  • SAY AND AFFIRM affirmations all the time! This is what I replace my negative thoughts with. For example: Negative thought: "Everything I do is useless." Acknowledge the feeling from this thought. AFFIRM and REPLACE WITH- "YOU HAVE NO POWER. I AM with full meaning and everything I do is done for a reason. I trust myself with every choice I make." (check out Bella Healing's Affirmation page for more affirmations.)
  • YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. Enough said. All raw food has the most energy from it because it is still living. When we cook food we kill it and it give our body no nutrition. 
  • Drink at least a gallon of good clean 100% spring water daily. 
  • YOGA and MEDITATION will give our life meaning. Short and sweet; this is the bottom line. 
Do all we can in this life to help raise the vibrations we live in. Remember we are all energy so let's get to loving ourselves so other people can love themselves. Our bodies are all forgiving, so let us remember what our bodies need. We are no different from the waves in the ocean in the aspect of energy. One wave may be far away from another wave but they are still one ocean. Let us meditate on compassion, patience, and loving kindness to help stop the suffering everywhere. It starts with changing our own perception and not pointing fingers to really make the difference.

I see us all holding hands and dancing again like we did once before and now is the time to buckle up and come along with us to do that. Unification will happen and is happening as I type this and as we read this. It is happening with the energy of all our brothers and sisters. We are going through so much hardship we are realizing we do not want to live this way. Meditate on human compassion, patience, and loving kindness. Only good can come from it which will accelerate the process and be of assistance. With great honor I want to thank everyone who reads and applies these simple reminders in their everyday life. Let's appreciate all the small things and accept all that is presented each and every moment.

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