Friday, November 8, 2013

Peace. Be Calm in Your Heart.

Sometimes we get caught in these episodes of life and feel like we become those things that brings us down. We notice ourselves talking down about someone, or we notice we are eating too much, or we are not exercising, or we are being mean to someone. All of this stuff easily comes in and tries to control us. We have to remember that we are not a victim of karma and we cause these episodes to come to teach us. To give us what we have been asking for some reason. We have to own our actions, trust ourselves and see our thoughts. Replacing thoughts that are causing the episodes with whole, complete and powerful thoughts. This happens for greater reason in which your heart tells you presently.  It is not for us to beat ourselves up and cause more havoc, but to realize we are much more powerful than silly gossip, we are much worthy of doing yoga, or being so wealthy of love we remember how important self or group meditation is, and to do it daily.

Free handing it-Shawnee Faye Hunter 

Perfected imperfections within lives duties,
Synchronized harmonized melodies of saintly truths,that enfold our lights of holy grail fragments of pure white substance,we sings and dance and choose to let go of the emptiness,the stagnations of troubles lost in the midst of servant's cries. Shanti and singing the most we are able to squeeze all the love and grace into the atmosphere. Oh Namah Shivaya, we remember lullabies that told us space, and remember we are much capable of the moving mountains mentioned, in the samba lamba previous sanction of crystallined wealths that most can love, we are peace, the calmness in the hearts that sings golden bridges together.Sarva Mangala can tell you that this is part of the imperfection which is perfect moving into perfect within oneself. Breathe Deep, Breathe In Nature, Breathe Deep. Breathe In your self Love. Breathe in The Love of Others. Breathe In for others who can not Breathe. Breathe In! Be Calm in your Heart, Peace is.

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