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Heart To Help Guide

Jesus's Birthday is around this day.
We all have what Jesus is made of;
A Path to Follow.
A Heart to help guide.
Our Mind as a servant to lead.
An Emotion to carry it without fail.
We possess the strength to pass it on.
We love to live and be hand in hand.
I am so thankful to be here.
Be bright as Jesus's Halo.
Carry it into the New Year.
Everyday forward and always present.

This is just a reminder of how in each present moment we are capable of anything He is able to do. Love and belief are the main ingredients to allow miracles to happen. They will happen if only we all allow them to and receive the help that is always given. That was Jesus and is Jesus's path. He is the heart that helps guide all of us in our special way. Whether you are a believer or not, I believe what is in my heart and have felt the touch of pure love from the miracles I have received on my own journey. I am just here to give you reminders of the importance of true self love. I really appreciate all of the peo…


          Are you a festival goer? I AM. Do you love music, community, sharing, art, and high levels of energy? I DO.  I feel like I haven't been living properly before this last past year. My first festival I ever went to was in 2010 in Austin TX at an art outside festival. I had no clue what I was getting myself into. It was fun but I didn't go to another festival until November 2012 when I went to BEAR CREEK at the Spirit of the Suwannee. It was like a love bomb went off in my face at that festival.  As of today I have gone to 17 music festivals and 16 of those were within the past year since November '12.  I was asked to go there by a dear friend who said I would be volunteering at Hoola Monsters. I was like COOL I WOULD LOVE TO GO!! I am hired to work there every year now and I am so stoked because Bear Creek was one of my favorites. It is SUPER HARD to pick a favorite though!

            I have never felt this much love in my whole entire life from anyone, anything or…