Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Heart To Help Guide

Jesus's Birthday is around this day.

We all have what Jesus is made of;

A Path to Follow.

A Heart to help guide.

Our Mind as a servant to lead.

An Emotion to carry it without fail.

We possess the strength to pass it on.

We love to live and be hand in hand.

I am so thankful to be here.

Be bright as Jesus's Halo.

Carry it into the New Year.

Everyday forward and always present.

Cinnamon Bun Hug!!!! GROUP HUG! 

This is just a reminder of how in each present moment we are capable of anything He is able to do. Love and belief are the main ingredients to allow miracles to happen. They will happen if only we all allow them to and receive the help that is always given. That was Jesus and is Jesus's path. He is the heart that helps guide all of us in our special way. Whether you are a believer or not, I believe what is in my heart and have felt the touch of pure love from the miracles I have received on my own journey. I am just here to give you reminders of the importance of true self love. I really appreciate all of the people who have subscribed to receive the emails. Please Tell a friend about Bella Healing. Pay it forward and remind people how amazing they are. Remind yourself what great creations are there. Just follow your heart because it will always guide you. WRAP YOUR ARMS AROUND YOURSELF LIKE THE PRESENT YOU ARE. GO ON, YOU DESERVE IT. <3 

Releases endorphins immediately.
Boost self confidence.
Helps with emotional support.
Allows you to be self reliant.
 Helps lift your spirits.
You may reach to other people to do the same!
You can always do in the shower when no ones looking if you're shy.
Alleviate stress gradually. (the more you do the better)
You Stretch your arms and shoulders in a way that is not normally stretched.
 You are adding light and love to our world.
You are lifting your own energetic vibration field.
You are attracting more positive outcomes daily.
Ask yourself each day when you hug, What would someone that loved themselves do?
Please do this. I promise you will thank me later. You will understand one day if not today. I love with all my heart! ENERGY HUGS TO ALL! 

About the Author:

Shawnee is a dynamic, elegant being with energy that could help light up a whole city. 
She has a heart as big as Christmas, just like Saint Nicholas. 
She is a Self Love Enhancer always reminding people of their true worth. 
She enjoys yoga, meditation, being with friends and family, and camping at music festivals. 
Please contact her at anytime!

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