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Chakras - Etheric Body We Encompass

DELVE DEEP INTO WHO WE ARE. We have FIVE main bodies, and SEVEN main energy chakras. The Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Etheric are outside of the Physical body and these are our five main bodies. Although, this is a basic guide for those who want to learn more about the etheric body, aka the energy or subtle body. Our etheric body has many different chakras all throughout our whole physical body. Each individual chakra holds its own properties, color, sound, and shape. The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit language and means wheel, turning or energy/prana vortex. The seven main chakras are aligned center of the body from the bottom where our genitals are, to the top of the head. A healthy chakra is spinning and flowing with bright vibrate colors that expand out parallel with the earth, with the exception of our crown chakra which flows up into the sky.

Root Chakra (Physically connects to Testis Gland) Element: Earth
The base chakras, aka known as the root chakra is located at our pe…