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Chakras - Etheric Body We Encompass

DELVE DEEP INTO WHO WE ARE. We have FIVE main bodies, and SEVEN main energy chakras. The Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Etheric are outside of the Physical body and these are our five main bodies. Although, this is a basic guide for those who want to learn more about the etheric body, aka the energy or subtle body. Our etheric body has many different chakras all throughout our whole physical body. Each individual chakra holds its own properties, color, sound, and shape. The word chakra comes from the Sanskrit language and means wheel, turning or energy/prana vortex. The seven main chakras are aligned center of the body from the bottom where our genitals are, to the top of the head. A healthy chakra is spinning and flowing with bright vibrate colors that expand out parallel with the earth, with the exception of our crown chakra which flows up into the sky.


Root Chakra (Physically connects to Testis Gland)
Element: Earth

The base chakras, aka known as the root chakra is located at our perineum, the very center bottom of our base body. 
The root chakra is RED and connects to all colors red. 
The shape of the root chakra is of the four petal lotus and it's sanskrit name is Muladhara. 
This chakra holds some properties of foundation, materialism,
physical world, roots in the ground, stability, and security.
  When we give all of our attention to human creations instead of having trust in our higher self (spiritual body), our material world becomes heavy and hard to live. 
We have given our power away by paying attention to gossip, negative media that are filled with fear and doubt.
 To heal this we must remain present, trust in our spiritual self and listen to our intuition. 
Remembering we have everything we need. 
Water, Food, Air, Earth, and Love. 
When the root chakra is blocked, or muddy color we are creating havoc in the material world for ourselves and those around us.
  Some physical illness caused from an imbalanced root chakra are lower back pain, constipation, cancer, arthritis, or aids.
 To clear the blockages and allow flow in this chakra we must eat red raw foods, smell the essential oil Vetiver Oil, practice Kundalini yoga, work with red, grey or black crystals, hug ourselves daily, wear the color red,  practice sound vibration tone UH (like HUM) or pinch of sea salt in your water daily. 
 I highly recommend singing or saying a mantra daily, and utilizing our intelligence with affirmations.  

Affirmation for Root: 
I am safe and supported in all I do. 
I trust myself and others who support my highest good. 
I am centered and grounded. 
I am getting better and better everyday and in every way. 
I allow myself to give and receive equally.
I am worthy to live this live with plenty of abundance.
I am the riches of God which flow into my hands and use and nothing can stop.

Sacral Chakra (Physically connects to Gonads Gland)
Element: Water

Orange is the color of the Sacral Chakra. 
This is approximately one inch above the Root Chakra, and about an inch under our belly button. 
 The sanskrit name for this chakra Svadhisthana and is shaped like that six petaled lotus. 
It connects to the desires and creativity you have in your life. 
Our sensuality, energy, food, healthy emotions, reproduction, relationships, inner child, and creative force that lies within everyone.
 When our sacral chakra is blocked we become guilty, shameful,  hard on ourselves,  depressed,  lonely,  no drive for life, or disconnected with our feelings.  
Some physical illness caused by an imbalanced sacral chakra are depression, addictions, urinary problems,  self hate, manipulative, or promiscuity. 
To clear blockages and allow flow in the sacral chakra we must create, paint, write, read, draw, give ourselves baths, hug ourselves daily, practice affirmations, work with orange crystals, choose healthy relationships, listen to uplifting or calming music, eat raw orange food, wear orange clothes, practice sound vibration tone OO (like SMOOTH) or especially drink healthy water. 

Affirmation for the Sacral:
 I am creative with everything I do.
  Life is one large painting.
 I choose positive relationships daily. 
I am a wise, free flowing, creative and whole being.
I am a sensual being.
I am an artist with every action I make. 
I love to love and love to be loved. 
I am always attracting the right foods for my body to consume.


Solar Plexus (Physically connects to Pancreas)
Element: Fire

Yellow is the color of our power chakra, or aka known as Solar Plexus because of the connection with the Sun. 
The element is fire and the sanskrit name is Manipura and  shaped like a ten petaled lotus.  
It's location is around the belly button area. 
This chakra connects us to our life's identity and is our main source of power. 
This means that this chakra is always creating balance and is moved with our will power.
 We are all given free will in this embodiment which nothing from any other dimension can come into help unless one is asked.  
When this chakra is blocked or muddy colored we have no self control, low self esteem, afraid to go out of the box, drug use is heavy, alcoholism,  chaotic, aggressive, or rebellious. 
We are not obedient with the healthiness of our body,  not drinking enough water, not eating healthy diets, or we are not exercising our bodies. 
Some physical or mental illnesses that are caused by imbalanced chakras are ulcers, diabetes, stress, fatigue, indigestion, or confusion. 
This chakra really connects to the transformation process of matter into energy and energy into matter. 
To clear blockages and allow flow of this chakra we must choose the right actions for ourself and others, eat raw yellow food, drink healthy water, exercise daily, smell the essential oil rosemary, work with any gold or yellow crystals, wear yellow clothes, practice sound vibration tone OH (like OM) or have at least 5 minutes of sunlight everyday. 

Affirmations for the Solar Plexus: 
I accept and value myself exactly how I am. 
My personal power is becoming stronger everyday. 
I determine to treat myself with honor and respect. 
I seek opportunities for my personal and spiritual growth. 
I am a healthy, whole, hydrated and powerful being.
I allow myself to feel the sunshine even I can not see the sun.
I connect myself to the power of the infinite Universe each present moment. 
I ask my Angels and Guides for help everyday.


Heart Chakra (Physically connects to Thymus Gland)
Element : Air

Green is the Color of the Heart chakra which is called the Anahata by sanskrit.  
It is located in our upper chest area and is shaped like a twelve petaled lotus. 
The heart chakra connects us to unconditional love, compassion, harmony, peace, forgiveness, self love, kindness, governs our relationships, acceptance of ourselves and others, or following owns unique path.
 When the heart chakra is blocked or muddy colored we are facing difficult relationships, grudges against other people, jealousy, living through the lives of other people, relying on other people to make us happy, looking for external things, sadness, anger, or greediness. 
Some physical illnesses caused by imbalanced chakras are chest pains, high/low blood pressure, breathing problems, upper back pains or heart attacks.  
To heal the blockages and allow flow we must eat lots of green raw food, drink healthy water, smell the essential oil eucalyptus, hug ourself daily, practice Hatha yoga, sing or chant mantras, work with green or pink crystals, practice sound vibration tone AH (like LAUGH), meditate, wear green clothes or practice affirmations. 
The heart is connected to our higher self and when we listen to our heart we are fulfilling our life's purpose. 

Affirmations for the heart:
 My heart is open to love. 
I am willing to love others as they are.
 I love who I Am. 
I am an open channel to divine love. 
Love is the answer to everything in life, and I give and receive love effortlessly and unconditionally. 
I am always attracting perfect relationships to myself.
I respect and honor myself and all those around me.


Throat Chakra (Physically connects Thyroid Gland)
Element : Akasha or Aether 

Light Blue is the color of the throat chakra and it's Sanskrit name is Vishuddha. 
It is the shape of the sixteen petaled lotus and is located in the neck, mouth and ears area.
The throat chakra connects us to our perception, communication, truth, self expression, creativity, knowledge, I AM, and where our attention is. 
When this chakra is blocked we are judgmental, speaking bad about ourselves or others, always paying attention to negativity, buying into lies, habitually lying, worrying about the past or future, or we perceive the world as doing us wrong. 
Some physical illness caused by an imbalanced chakra are sore throats, ear infections, sinus allergies, breathing shallow, neck pains or stiffness, or colds.
To heal blockages and allow flow in this chakra we must chant a mantra daily, sing often, hum, practice sound vibration tone I (like FLY), wear light blue clothes, drink healthy water, work with light blue crystals, speak honestly, express our true feelings, pay attention to positive things, create projects to give back to mother Earth, communicate, eat raw blue foods, or meditate.

Affirmations for the Throat Chakra:
I am always speaking the true feelings of my heart.
I trust my inner feelings and my inner feelings come from truth.
I am aligned with my higher purpose of living.
I choose to engage my thoughts in creating win win situations.
I seek truth in all I do.
I am allowing the life force to guide me and give me answers.


Third Eye Chakra (Physically connects to Pituitary Gland)
Element: Light 

Indigo blue is the color of this chakra and it's sanskrit name is Anja. 
It is shaped like the two petaled lotus and it's location is in the center of our forehead.
The third eye chakra connects us to our inner vision, connection to the light of our soul, unique life purpose, intuition, feelings of our spirit, guides, angels, observation of all, and holds the key to all the answers we seek. 
When this chakra is blocked or muddy colored, we are lost, without purpose, mis guided, influenced easily, living through the eyes of another, live in illusions, hallucinate, fearful of future, confused about why we are here, or forgetful of who we truly are. 
Some physical illnesses caused by an imbalanced chakra is stroke, extreme fatigue, sleepless nights, amnesia, dreams are cloudy or unremembered, headaches, or head congestion. 
To clear blockages and allow flow we must smell patchouli or myrrh oil, meditate, listen to classical music, wear dark blue or indigo clothes, drink healthy water, burn sage or palo santo, practice sound vibration tone AYE (Like PRAY), eat blueberries or any dark raw foods, sing or chant mantras, affirmations, ask for guidance from our angels or guides, or practice any type of yoga.

Affirmations for the third eye chakra:
I am living in accordance to my life's purpose.
I allow my angels and guides to assist me. 
I remember my dreams when I wake up.
I listen to my intuition which is connected to my gut and heart.
I am always at the right place at the right time. 
I know I am apart of something grand.


Crown Chakra (Physically connects to Pineal Gland)
Element: Cosmic Energy (Thought/Higher Self)

Violet or Purple are the colors connected to this chakra and it's sanskrit name is Sahasrara. 
It is shaped like the thousand petaled lotus and is facing up towards the sky on the top of our heads. (Where our soft spot was as a newborn)
It is the chakra that connects us to all living things in the Universe and is the only main chakra spinning up instead of parallel with the Earth.
Our oneness, being, spiritual self, soul, energy, light source, unity, commonality, truths, sacredness, and karma are all properties of the crown chakra. 
When this chakra is blocked or muddy colored we because hateful, place blame, shameful, disgusted with life, loose ownership of our responsibilities, disconnected with Earth, belief of pure separation, unkind, angry, or egotistical. 
Some physical illnesses caused by an imbalanced crown chakra are cancer in all parts of the body, brain tumor, mental illness, chronic headaches, stiffness in body, arthritis, or dizziness.
To clear blockages and allow flow we must raw purple foods, drink healthy water, chant mantras, affirmations, wear purple clothes, smell lavender oil, sound vibration tone EE (like BEE), meditation, or yoga.

Affirmations for the Crown Chakra: 
I Am One with All and All is One with me. 
I am a divine being with all the love to give to the world.
I am Love.
I am a sacred being that has a lot to offer.
I am a powerful, fun loving gladiator of the Universe with power of my thoughts to help shape it! 

Thank you for being here at this present moment. 
Thank you for clearing the blockages daily.
Thank you for being perseverant.
Thank you for caring.
Thank you for giving back.
Thank you for receiving.
Right now there are a lot of changes happening to our bodies and DNA so the best thing you can do for yourself is DRINK TONS OF HEALTHY WATER, EAT A LOT OF RAW FOOD, EXERCISE AND BREATHE DEEP A WHOLE HECK OF A LOT.

Hope I could help in anyway. Occupy balance in all your bodies. We are all counting on you. 
I am only here to remind you, for all the answers you seek are inside. I bow down to the divine inside you. We are all capable of complete balance in all our bodies. Practice these easy and simple guidelines to help you remain balanced. Have you hugged yourself today? Go on, you deserve it. :smile:

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