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Gratifly 2014

Wow, what an epic adventure of passion and growth. Have you ever felt so loved that every step you took felt like it may have been your last? Like it was too good to be true?? I felt this way that past week and am feeling it more and more every day that passes. It represents one more step along the path of this journey we are all sharing together. I learned so much from how to accept myself fully, how to be strong, courageous, gentle, wise, disciplined, how to honor, how to love myself and love others. So many friends and families from all different generations hold hands this past week to join and commensurate, and what a beautiful process. I got to help out with the hydration station and oh my so much love what present there. I am super blessed and thankful to have been able to experience the love that goes on here. It is not only about healthy living water, it is the water at it's most purest form and having it blessed by many is even better. The music was so transforming along…