Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Gratifly 2014

Wow, what an epic adventure of passion and growth. Have you ever felt so loved that every step you took felt like it may have been your last? Like it was too good to be true?? I felt this way that past week and am feeling it more and more every day that passes. It represents one more step along the path of this journey we are all sharing together. I learned so much from how to accept myself fully, how to be strong, courageous, gentle, wise, disciplined, how to honor, how to love myself and love others. So many friends and families from all different generations hold hands this past week to join and commensurate, and what a beautiful process. I got to help out with the hydration station and oh my so much love what present there. I am super blessed and thankful to have been able to experience the love that goes on here. It is not only about healthy living water, it is the water at it's most purest form and having it blessed by many is even better. The music was so transforming along with the people who danced with the music. The hearts of every person there was to one degree or another shifting into a creature who is unified, divine, and a remembrance of what is. A remembrance that is held within the seed of every heart growing. Blooming so preciously into the star of the connection and truth. Our individualism is only a seed of the strength that plays an important role in this prophetic time. This is a gathering of prayers, of acknowledgment to the Divine director and Prime Creator. This is a time to live in pain, while praying for justice. This is not just do drugs and dance all night until the sun goes up, it is shifting..... This is a balance and an entrance to a portal this happening on many dimensions of faith. This is Divine will through human embodiment and trust of the Universal Pulse of music and heart. A time to emit time and remember the parallelities that will always exist within the core of all cores, including Mother Earth. We must remember it is a remembrance and it is a knowing of unknowing. It is a humility so deep that the Oceans cry can not tell the lullabies of truth within the die. Seek knowledge, prepare for remembrance and seek Jah wisdom within. Do the chants of love for the Ksna, and for the Diva Angels of hope. Dance until the Gratifly's balanced heart shouts to the moon to scout the monkeys of sparkling smores of trickled faith that relinquishes power. I Am that I Am and you are too remember the shifting is going on in you, and the dreams are telling your truths. Interpret the pictures and familiarity inside to define the truth's line that will recognize. You will find treasures buried deep inside of Queens and Kings of time, though time is emit through the sacred truths and always beckoning the hearts design. God knows the way and we shall find that you, I and us are the doing just fine, no not fine, we are growing better than fine. We are Earth's design of balanced dolphins of land to see the answers are there already inside. I love you and wanted to share some writings, by the way if you were at gratifly and found a journal I lost mine, please let me know. Thank you!!

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