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We are the land- We Love - We are the Future- We choose

Dear family and friends,
It's been almost a year since I have written and I feel deeply to write and share! Time away from sharing has been healthy. I have been able to go deep inside myself and well, love who I am more. Of course this is a daily practice, for everyday I am getting better and better, always doing the best that I can in this self love enhancing path. I am learning that as I shift more and more to love and accepting each layer that appears, I break free of all self created walls. I feel the more that I love and feel myself, the ripples of self love continue to grow for others. I have been here on Kauai for nearly a year and have been able to grow some roots.... .of course the roots have not been in one exact spot, for I have been traveling this tiny island listening to the land and feeling where my energy needs to be. I have been initiating, helping with and completing projects on the west side, north side and in Kalalau valley.

I started out in Kalalau... kala…