Friday, June 26, 2015

We are the land- We Love - We are the Future- We choose

Dear family and friends,
It's been almost a year since I have written and I feel deeply to write and share! Time away from sharing has been healthy. I have been able to go deep inside myself and well, love who I am more. Of course this is a daily practice, for everyday I am getting better and better, always doing the best that I can in this self love enhancing path. I am learning that as I shift more and more to love and accepting each layer that appears, I break free of all self created walls. I feel the more that I love and feel myself, the ripples of self love continue to grow for others. I have been here on Kauai for nearly a year and have been able to grow some roots.... .of course the roots have not been in one exact spot, for I have been traveling this tiny island listening to the land and feeling where my energy needs to be. I have been initiating, helping with and completing projects on the west side, north side and in Kalalau valley.

I started out in Kalalau... kalalau is a very sacred place and only few are truly called to go and spend time there and I feel special  to have been called. She definitely assisted in my whole growth process and I am so thankful. It is totally off grid and far away from any stores or roads and well, most people. I  planted papaya trees all over in the valley and got them started growing very well. I did transplants of plants that do not need any maintence after being planted. Momma will take care of the rest. I learned to play the ukulele and have been practicing nearly everyday. I healed dis-associations I had created and became one with myself again. I died and was reborn and well, still dying to be reborn daily. I was going in the valley right before the new moon setting clear intentions and then hiking out a day or two after full moon. Then getting supplies while on the outs, checking the internet and still staying in tune and balance with responsibilities.  I did that from September until March. Minus the two months that I stayed on a lucrative farm in Kilauea and learned a lot about organic farming and permaculture in November and December.

After the Kalalau adventure, I met some really amazing people at a festival and was called to go manage land on the west side of Kauai. Near the place where I landed first when I came to the island in February 2014. This land was very special and is owned by a very special lady who was troubled at the time. She found herself in the hospital for over two months and was battling life and death. She has 4 acres that needed cared for and two shitzui puppies who also needed care. The people I met and I took the responsibility of these large tasks. We organized and cleaned, we went inside ourselves by meditating a lot, we built simple structures to help us maintain a simple and easy community, and we planted a garden. We were unsure about the future and the hopes of this land, always remaining present and asking the land what it wanted, while tuning into what the owner of the land would want. Thank God the land owner got better and of course wanted her babies back and is now in Washington getting better all around. 

I met an amazing man who I instantly stood in love with and still standing in love with. He invited me to live in Kilauea on this land that is called to grow into a small intentional community and farm. A very sacred place with amazing people, animals, visions, missions, goals and aspirations. There are so many projects to become involved with and so far, I am helping to build a music studio, planting and maintaining gardens and landscaping with the land. I feel honored to be surrounded by such loving, supporting and clear beings in this community. 
I leave the island in about a month to road trip on the mainland to visit family and friends. I also have clear intentions to visit other intentional communities and farms to grow and learn with. Going from Florida, North Carolina, Texas and then off to California. I have intentions on coming back to the land here on Kauai and being apart of more projects that are taking place. 
 I am so thankful that the Aina(land in Hawaiian) has called me to all these parts of her being. I feel honored and excited to have been able to help create and be apart of such amazing projects each place I land. Tuning into the land has been the largest lesson I have learned on this path here on Kauai. Communicating what she wants and not what our own egos want. Being reminded to create ways to give back to future generations. We all have a choice in this life no matter where we are. The choices are simple. Are we giving back to the future families or are we taking from them? I write this and share my life which is ultimately only a story but with great purpose and reminders. Our actions really do have an impact on these very large realities of our ENTIRE being. All our hearts are joined and opening more everyday. Accepting the tasks that are giving daily and in each present moment is what really can make the difference of how we as a whole, have been living. Let's work together as a team and make the steps in to creating a sustainable future for our future generations. 
Ask yourself are ready to:
*composting your food, or if you are not gardening yourself delivering your compost weekly to a local community garden or neighbors that are gardening. This is gardeners' gold and trust me they will be super thankful to receive your compost. 
*recycling..... this is important because WHY not take the time to do this... ?? you can even get PAID to recycle in certain states! recycling does matter...
*Supporting local businesses instead of larger corporations.... no matter how much cheaper it is to go to walmart PLEASE dont ..if small businesses do not have what you looking for, look craigslist, your neighbor might have it. BE patient! our future generations will be so thankful for this- intuition is nudging me to say this.... trust.... 
*Supporting local farmers markets- Take the time to find out where yours is at and go weekly. Our farmers work so hard to have fresh local produce available and TRUST me, it is hard work. When you support them, it FEELS sooooo rewarding. <3 Support farms that are chemical your instincts.
*Drink healthy clean water from living water. Find a local spring in your area and fill up weekly.. Stop buying plastic !! Plastic is definitely taking from our future.... get a good water filter for your tap water, there are many great ones out there. Buy glass water jugs instead of plastic...

This is just a few reminders, dont want to overload ya with adjustments. If you are already doing these practices of healthy living THANK YOU. Our future thanks you. Being aware and conscious of where your money is going is so key into giving back to our land. If you have any questions on how to do this in your life PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU, ASK ME. I am an open book waiting and willing to be contacted to help. It is what I do. I am a servant of the land and anyway I can help, I will. I am practicing these ways and so thankful I have been encouraged to do so. I am so thankful for the people who answered my questions and who still are answering my questions, because trust me I aint got it all figured out. Life is my school and I have no shame in asking "silly" questions. It is the only way to know. Do your research too and collaborate your own bottom line and trust your gut! 

Thank you all for reading, and please share! Love goes out to all of you~ <3 Shawnee Faye 

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