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Invest In yourSelf, Love On YourSelf, Be With YourSelf

I woke up one morning asking myself, Would I hire myself for a career? Yes, absolutely, you bet your bottom dollar I would hire myself. So that was the day that I decided to hire ME to work for myself. I learned since that day I have attracted more opportunities that line up with who I truly am and why I chose to come here. I realized that loving on myself,  truly be present with myself and investing in myself by doing what I love, The Universe pays. I will give you 5 tips that really help me along this ongoing process that may help you!!...

No matter if it is washing the dishes, doing laundry, walking your dog, hiking, working, planting a garden, sitting on facebook, watching tv, reading a book, you get the idea..... LOVE what you choose to do...... This life is absolutely, way too short and why not enjoy every moment of it? Even the moments of great challenge, pain or suffering..... enjoy that you are a human being in the midst of the journey, completing each task.…