Friday, October 9, 2015

Invest In yourSelf, Love On YourSelf, Be With YourSelf

I woke up one morning asking myself, Would I hire myself for a career? Yes, absolutely, you bet your bottom dollar I would hire myself. So that was the day that I decided to hire ME to work for myself. I learned since that day I have attracted more opportunities that line up with who I truly am and why I chose to come here. I realized that loving on myself,  truly be present with myself and investing in myself by doing what I love, The Universe pays. I will give you 5 tips that really help me along this ongoing process that may help you!!...

No matter if it is washing the dishes, doing laundry, walking your dog, hiking, working, planting a garden, sitting on facebook, watching tv, reading a book, you get the idea..... LOVE what you choose to do...... This life is absolutely, way too short and why not enjoy every moment of it? Even the moments of great challenge, pain or suffering..... enjoy that you are a human being in the midst of the journey, completing each task. By doing what you love you are choosing to invest in yourself and the reason why you are here!  

This action based world sometimes gets in the way of us just being who we came here to be. We do not have to do anything because everything is already provided for. I noticed with myself, worrying about the future and where food/water was going to come from, if I am going to get married, where to get winter clothes hand-me-downs, etc. I also noticed that worrying was creating the lack that I would see in my life at times. I am thankful I am reminded we live in an abundant world in the now.  I recommend Living in the now, being grateful, knowing/feeling that you have food/water/money already, enjoying every moment and TRUSTing that there is an abundance of food/water in here for everyone. The thoughts and feelings of fulfillment, blissfulness, thankfulness, love, trust and faith cause the abundant world to flow to us effortlessly.

I dare you to consciously breathe deep and relax. Look around you right now. Stop reading for however long and look around you, energetically thank everything you see around you. Whether it be people, trees, walls, tables, windows, animals etc just send them loving gratitude for being present with you in this moment. Be with yourself fully and feel your body and how miraculous it is. There is no other moment but this one. Lets give thanks to this very moment and the air we have to breathe. Life is a gift and realizing this allows us to remain in our power. 

Seeing and feeling life as a gift gives you the outlook that we are presents and we play important roles for this planet. Life is lifting you to the greatest heights of your entire being if only you allow it. Remember we are gifts to this universe and we have the power to help shape it with our thoughts and feelings. This Universe is a gift to us and believing that this Universe loves us and supports us on every level will pay into the investment of your self. We are all investments and by choosing to invest in ourself, we give the time to ourself we deserve and we can truly live free and happy all over! Remembering this gives us the chance to really love on ourselves!! 


You live in this universe with so many people and share the same air as all the generations here now and before. You are tested with how much you really love yourself daily. We are all born with the power of God, living and breathing through us, working miracles through us. Although sometimes you may receive suggestions and influence from other people that may not be for your highest good. So you must remember to, tune into yourself, setting clear boundaries, say no when appropriate, and communicate your feelings to remain in your power. Meditation in nature and solitude time will help you gain a better feel of your own energy because without this you are taking on other people's energy. Clear yourself from other's pain and take ownership of your own suffering and choose to let it go by consciously sending  it to mother nature. She is waiting to receive what we are willing to give. Stand in your power and speak your truth, give thanks for this sovereign power, and be present with it. 

These are just a few helpful reminders that have helped me stay in tune with the rhythmic flow of our abundant universe. Hiring ourself to do any task that we absolutely love doing is an investment in ourselves'. Loving on ourselves' so much that we set clear boundaries with other people by getting enough solitude time we deserve. We deepen our true self connection by knowing we are never truly alone in the world, we are allOne. If you every need anyone to talk to and want a free consultation I am a certified life coach that would love to help with any life situations that you may feel stuck in. Remember you are never stuck anywhere, you are always free and a sovereign being. It is our birth right! With love, Shawnee Faye

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  1. Thankyou! For sharing these tools for vitality and gratitude with such clarity:) Love the self love action. Mahaaaalo:) xo


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