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Dear Great Spirit - (tribute to Sean M. Rollnick, Father of our child.)

Dear Great Spirit,
Thank you. Thank you for choosing me to live this life. Thank you for showing me the way so clearly. Thank you for bringing me joy, happiness, sadness, pain, anger, suffering, blissfulness, sorrow, grief, and all the emotions that come with being a human. Thank you for the rain, the plants, the food, the trees, the sun, and the wind. Thank you for teaching me through peers. Thank you for the experience that is with giving and receiving. Thank you for the faith that you continue to fill me up with, even in times of the heavy emotions. Thank you for the union. Thank you for the reminders of continued growth and strength. Thank you for the lessons that come my way. Thank you for the amazing people you send me in my life, even those I cannot see. Thank you for encouraging me to be the best mommmy I can be. Thank you for teaching me.
     Today I write to you in this way to share with the world our relationship together and to honor a beloved soul who has blessed me with h…