Saturday, May 4, 2013

Many Lives Many Masters. A book by Brian Weiss. True Story

I am reading an awesome book and many things have screamed my name from what theses masters say. if you have not read it yet, you must. This phrase particularity stood out like a sore thumb for me. 
::All of the wisdom revealed through these messages from souls in various dimensions of the spiritual state was consistent. The style of delivery differed, the phraseology and the grammar differed, the sophistication and vocabulary differed; but the content remained coherent.I was acquiring a systematic body of spiritual knowledge. This knowledge spoke of love and hope, faith and charity., It examined virtues and vices, debts owed to others and to one's self. It included past lifetimes and spiritual planes between lives. And it talked of the soul's progress through harmony and balance, love and wisdom, progress toward a mystical and ecstatic connection with God.
There was much practical advice along the way: the value of patience and of waiting; the wisdom in the balance of nature; education of eradication of fears, especially fear of death; the need of learning about trust and forgiveness; the importance of learning not to judge others, or to halt anyone's life; the accumulation and use of intuitive powers; and, perhaps most of all, the unshakable knowledge that we are immortal. WE are beyond life and death, beyond space and beyond time. We are gods, and they are us.

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