Thursday, May 9, 2013

Poem of Spring, Love, and Weather.

I wrote this on 05-10-11 sitting in the teller booth waiting on a customer at American National Bank of Texas:
'Today the wind may subside.
Today is made for me to love this ride.
When tomorrow comes I'll continue to live,
In my body or in the air you breathe.
My presence will be free with no care.
Only 1,2,3 little bees, 
Will see my sight for each flower.
When records show you'll forever glow,
Exercising my right and power.
You will know that my love shows,
On each day like this wind-free.
Though the wind still blows I'll always know, 
Tomorrow comes forever flowing.
Love me now, Love me then,
I Love you too no matter when.
Love will show the Earth how much we care.
Even today the wind may come and go.
Tomorrow the Sun's spring will surely flow.
May 10nth my love will grow,
Until the Galaxy a whole will feel me so.
The Birds, the Whales,the Animals listen,
10x better than any human being.
WE forgive ourselves and others
-Shawnee Faye Hunter

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