Thursday, May 9, 2013

Right or Wrong

Some say they know what is right and what is wrong. Truly they are not being honest with themselves. They do not know what is wrong or right and who is to say? Only God knows why is the truth of it all. What seems to make us sad, mad, angry or depressed is a blessing in it's own. We search inside and attract people, situations, or things which help us get through those times. So that we may teach others what we've learned. It is super easy. Although as you are making baby steps it is difficult. In the beginning of anything shows its challenges. Embrace each challenge. Know you have help. Thank you.  For every family member. I am thankful. I feel like the little sister ever person wishes they had, though @ times I might not feel that way. I know I try, I do what I can. But it comes down to us coming back to one another. We sing, and sometimes out of key. Picking up the flute again and again to play the right key. Knowing we are limitless-knowing we must be patient. We must allow these doors to open. Looking and searching going through the motions. The ant searched just like the adult yearns their inner child. The confused hurt little child. Never then but now understanding we are flowers which bloom during different times. Creating balance, and pureness, light, love and perfection. Our songs and laughter, the tears, the shatters rip like tides of the Maine streets Oceans, Forcing what we think is right or wrong. Only God knows really and we are children of God evolving.
-Shawnee Faye Hunter

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