Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Star-Bourne

Go within, go deeply within
For you are being restructured.
The changes are deep 
They are thorough,
They are everlasting.

You mourn the death
Of the little one,
Of the acient one,
Of that which you have known
Since your firsr Earth birth-
The sweet personality self
Whose outspoken ego 
Carried you through 
Countless adventures.

For that little one 
Truly falls away
As seperate and distinct,
As self important.
It merges inside you
Into that conglomerate 
Known as your Angelic Self.

Angel name is merely 
Star lineage name.
No individual personality.
Filled with limitless Love
Yet so extremely detached.
It is as if our aren't here,
But you truly are.

In your new form of
Angelic fragment of Star,
You cry for what is gone,
Yet want it no longer.
But what shall fill the gap
Between what is past
And what is to come?
The most important question,
"Who Am I?"

I know the many things
That I am not.
My freedom from them comes
Simply because I have experienced
So much for so long,
That I am everything.
I Am the One; I Am the Many.

Not being simply this nor that
I Am everyone. everywhere
It is difficult to seperate
One voice, one identity,
One that really matters
From the new vastness
Which I have become.

Alas, poor small self
Sitting abandoned by the wayside,
Savoring your fading memories,
Yearning for attachment
And ego's control.
Old dreams drifting steadily
Out of sight on disant horizon
Like last summer's faded sunsets.

Come inside, forgotten little one,
For there is room for all,
I Am the Many, you see,
Come and play with me.
You'll find that love abounds
Embraced by our Angelic wings
Enfolding us in sweetness bliss,
In Love, we become the One.

Yet I know not I
Whom I might be.
Where comes this authority,
This knowingness,
This vast beingness,
This sense of wholeness

Am I already fragment of Star,
Personality no more,
Merged into physical body
Yet much larger still
That I can fill the sky
Just by breathing and expanding
Into all that I truly am.

For not only do I ride and glide
Upen that undulating star waves,
I merge into them as well.
I Am the planets,
I Am the stars,
Radiating, pulsating,
Worlds within worlds.

I Am a dimensional doorway,
I Am a Pillar of Light,
A beam of the Great Central Sun,
In my wholeness, I AM One.

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