Thursday, May 2, 2013

Good And Bad Is Irrelevant, Billionaire Question

Whether it’s good or bad is irrelevant; this is a very important thing to grasp, in order to drop the mind, is to realize that it really is irrelevant whether it is a positive experience or a negative experience. We have so much invested in having positive experiences, we must have positive experiences at all costs, please, let them all be happy experiences, please, let them all be bliss, all the time…all my feelings, please, let them all be happy. This is not what the God-Self is after; this is not what you are really after. What you are after is experience.
I like to ask the billionaire question to a lot of people, because a million is not enough anymore, I used to ask, “If you were a millionaire,” but people say that’s not enough anymore, so we’ll go with billionaire…If you were a billionaire, and never had to work a day in your life, ever again, what would you do with yourself? Really, ask yourself this question, what would you do?
This is how it is for God, this Self, this Self that’s in you. It is so wealthy, beyond reason, beyond understanding, beyond needing of any sort, because God-Self doesn’t need to learn anything, it doesn’t need to achieve anything, it doesn’t need to accomplish anything, it just wants experience, it just wants to see what it can imagine. Good, bad, it’s irrelevant.
This is a hard concept for a lot of people to grasp. But let’s go back to the question about the billionaire; If you’re a billionaire, what would you do with yourself? Would you sit around and do nothing, forever and ever and ever…for the rest of your life? Would you just watch TV, would you stare at the wall? What would you do? Well, you obviously have to do something, because that’s the nature of consciousness…even when it entails danger or possibly even negative experiences, you would take on adventures of all sorts…you would go on safaris, you would travel, you would start a business, you would start…something, you would paint…what would you do with the rest of your life, if it had nothing to do with earning a living anymore.
This is a huge question, and one that reveals so much about consciousness itself, and why God is allowing all this good and bad and everything in between, why it’s all happening, it’s simply because it can, it’s only because it’s imagining, because it can do this with it’s mind. It’s important to understand that it’s not about having a blissful experience all the time, this is not what enlightenment is…it’s not about being happy, always. It’s about knowing who you are…en-lighten-ment means to know…to know yourself. When someone says enlighten me about something, it means explain it to me…tell me how it is.
So in order to achieve enlightenment, there’s only one thing you must do…it has nothing to do with perfecting the personality, it has nothing to do with becoming a very accomplished and successful person, it has nothing to do with achieving anything…not even spiritual powers, not even great, vast knowledge about spiritual truth, it only means one thing, and that is knowing who you are…knowing yourself. So, ask yourself this question…who are you? Who are you? And you’ll find that the answer is, simply awareness. -Christine Breese

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