Thursday, July 25, 2013

Aerie Faeries Transformational Voyage Volume 2

Well, well, well, what do we have here????
A hair on our chiny chin chin???? LOL that's because we do not have our wax kit, and we thought maybe that was not a necessity for out on the road!! HAHA Anyways, we are having the time of our lives.
We discovered we are self already and during this transformational voyage we are coming in contact with so many like minded people. People who are like us just trying to live day in day out with heart so there is some purpose in our lives. Purpose past the tunnel vision, tv consumed, societal upbringings, and fad chasing loony bin filled with corporations to suck us dry. We are living our dream each moment at a time.Traveling with open hearts from the faith and believe of God/Universe and ourselves. Of course this could not happen if we did not have the support like we do from all our friends and family at home. WE THANK YOU ALL!!!  We have been working everyday(haircuts, building arts and craft, cleaning) and camping is not all fun and games!! Although with complete balance we are saving a sacred time of salvation for this weekend at Gratifly in Hartwell, SC. There are no showers but a large creek with a small waterfall! So much better than being next to an interstate at All Good. I am so happy we got to see Furthur and dance with Buddha all weekend. I picked up trash Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and will not work during another festival! It definitely drains you to a point where you can not even see all the music you like! (well thats what it did to me) So happy that we got to go and experience that though because it was a great experience!
IT WAS NOTHING compared to Spirit of the Suwannee. That place will always be happy and home for us Waneetopians! SOS/BOS for life!! I had an amazing friend from Canton OH who partnered with me and helped pick up trash during the festie who camped near us, great guy.We got to meet some buddhist monks who camped right next to us as well and they were so sweet! They played music twice a day once in morning once in evening. They walk around and hand out books asking for donations for the books. They ended up giving us 2 books called The Journey Home and Self Realization. AMAZING PEOPLE they are. Hope to cross paths with them again. On one side of us we had people that lives 10 blocks away from us in St Petersburg, FL! AMAZING because you can not pick where you camp at this large festies so the irony of it all was very impressive! They were a very cute couple who we enjoy camping next to. Behind us was another cute couple from Knoxville, TN and hopefully we get to see them again at Gratifly. Today I get to see Tyler and I AM SOOO STOKED about that..... wrapping my legs around him when I do.... sure do love that man! Anyways, we have been to Atlanta, Ga, Thornville, Oh, Nashville, Tn (BEST HOME COOKED FOOD BY BRANDI'S GRAMMY!! OMG!!! We also got to watch the sunset on Brandi's dads sailboat which was so relaxing and breath-taking!) and now we are back in Atlanta spending time with Momma Tami, Charles, Robs and Rage then headed to SC for Gratifly. We decided that after Unitus we will go stay on an organic farm in NC, so we will update ya and let y'all know how that goes!! Should be a fun two or three weeks filled with tons of knowledge to bring home to Rising Light and our Home Team!
We are having an amazing trip and we thank you all for supporting us with our dream. Life will always have it's ups and down........ learning how to embrace each moment is key... I must say living life with Brandi and meeting all her family has definitely changed my life for the better. All amazing people we have here on this Earth.
I realize how important it is to always be thankful for the small things in life....Imagine if everywhere you went the doors would not physically open up? shit would be pointless and chaotic right?! start small even saying thank you to a DOOR for opening is being thankful for small things...... you will soon realize that doors will be opening up everywhere not only in physical terms..... :)  I love you all and that is it for now- will write more later!!

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