Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Aerie Faeries Transformational Voyage

Yay! Today we (Brandi, best friend/partner) hit the road at 11:30am this morning. We are about to get into Atlanta to stay until tomorrow morning. Staying with Brandi's momma dukes :) we got our All Good T-shirts and they look amazing! So excited about this transformational Road Trip. We are so blessed to have one another and for all the friends who are supporting us through this voyage. We will be spreading the light and reaching out to those who are searching for inner love. We have a goal to reach as many people as humanly possible. We are attending play shops at each transformational festival we attend. We will also be happily teaching at Unitus in GA with Rising Light and Tribal Council! How super stoked we Aerie Faeries are!? Pray for our safety while we are on the road <3 . We are sending back all the love we feel along the way. We also are video taping so those will be coming as well. Thank you to ALL of Home Team/Rising Light for such an amazing Summer Jam and start of our Voyage. We are all one community across the country, so I highly recommend gettung involved with your own local community out reach program, if you are not already.. grow together with love. Thank you to every one who attending as well. It was a great success! Thank you to everyone who purchased one of Aerie Faerie's handmade creation! We appreciate all the continued support from the community we love to live in!

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