Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer of Transformation

Hi! I am calling this summer of Transformation. I feel all of us are transforming more and more into our true selves each day. All day and everyday we are all getting better and better. This weekend starts an amazing adventure that words will come nowhere near being able to describe. Home Team Summer Jam + Rising Light will be having a transformational music festival in the woods of central/western Fl. All is welcome, bring your sunglasses, bug spray, hammock, coozie, inner/outer smile, open mind, open heart, one love of collective souls we all are, and grooviness, etc.....

My best friend/partner Brandi will be going on a month long road trip traveling to four different transformational music festivals( GA,OH,SC, NC). We will also have Rising Light flyers to hand out and Home Team Festival Ads for the New Year Festival to give. Our goal is to learn as much as possible while at the festivals and also spread greater truths. We wants to take notes and bring back all kind of amazing stuff to teach.  We will be selling our hand-made jewelry & hair bands/pieces for affordable. We will have plenty of pieces at Summer Jam so please come see us near the Rising Light Dome to help support our dream. 

Here is the INCREDIBLE schedule Rising Light has put together for all those conscious soul searching people out there. Sorry this is kind of hard to read but we will have them at the Dome (which you will be able to find very easily, just ask someone ;) -- ) I will be doing a chakra vibration meditation & the 9 breath method twice on Saturday(10am & 3pm). I will do a Bella Healing play shop going over some common knowledge about our 5 bodies so please come see me at 12pm Saturday. Learn how use affirmations and using affirmations changed my life! There is a School of Rock where members of our local music family will be teaching us how to play~! There will also be other awesome hands on classes, just come check it out!!*************
Please come see us for coffee in the morning Saturday and Sunday. We will have a Love Donation cup to add to the funding of the continued community out-reach. ATTENTION**** Bring your own coffee mug. We are giving back to Mother Earth and feel great about it <3 
Rising LIght Schedule for Home Team Summer Jam

Be safe, as always.....
There will be recycling on property so please be CONSCIOUS of throwing away your trash and separating accordingly! Mother Earth Thanks you.

I also want to give a HUGE thank you to Home Team for putting this event on and to everyone is contributing to such an amazing family community lifestyle. Angry Hippies, THANK YOU AS WELL for putting together a bar and donating some much time, effort, and love! Thank you to all the musicians who will be out there jamming hard and soul moving. Most of all I want to thank Shea Buttah and Johnny Nichols for having this vision of Rising Light and expanding awareness of our very own miraculous consciousness we call all one collective soul. Without you guys taking the initiative of doing so this all would not be happening, so much appreciation to you for keeping the dream alive and making it come true. I am so happy to be apart of it and help out in anyway possible!! Us all Creating win-win situations every where, every way, and every day! <3
With Love- Shawnee Faye Hunter

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