Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Freedom Day !

I see how blessed I am to have such amazing friends, family, and all true loves in my life. I am so incredibly thankful for our freedom and I praise the people who allowed all of us to live this way. Let us all remember how truly special we have it. There is at least one child who dies from starvation(not hunger but starvation) every 4 seconds of our life. This is critical right now to remember because we are able to surrender to the larger eye of the world, step up and change our own lives creating only beauty for our future generations to live in. Keep the vision of living with your community and become envolved in all you can be. Even the smallest gesture as smiling at someone you do not know personally can make a change on Mother Earth. Also lets be more conscious of recycling, not littering, conserving water and finding ways to live better hand in hand with Mother Earth. Remember each small step counts and all the small things in life are liquid gold.  Happy Fourth of July Day of Independence!

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