Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bella Healing - Unitus

Watching stars pass away welcoming new ones to be born, receiving love from them; energy pouring from our hearts as we lay in awe! Shea, Johnny, Trina, Patty and I got to lay on a hill and watch the stars dance from the meteorite at Unitus on The Cherokee Farms. This was one of  many of my own highlights at the festival this past weekend. Copious Jones was another of course! They really rocked it and sang to all the souls who attended plus more! Rising Light was honored to share knowledge from happiness, to community, to chem-free living, and how to heal ourselves. We also got to learn from all the other classes like how to make kombucha, permaculture, live self sufficiently and nature meditations. Michael Garfield was able to bless us with his presence by playing his guitar and keeping us entertained with the Google + glasses. He is such an amazing soul and I always get so high hanging out with him. Patty was giving away orgonite to all that he met, spreading all that good lovin' he has to offer! Brandi and I met some guys name Michael and Nick who were helping to promote another great music festival called Revolution in Asheville NC the last weekend of September. All profits are going to help a wonderful cause that will contribute to building EarthShips. These EarthShips are affordable houses made out of all recycled materials, completely self sustaining, giving back to our Mother Earth. There were so many other people there that we met and thankful to have done so! We are spreading all that love, creating win-win situations everywhere. All moments this past weekend there were priceless, knowledgeable and I am so grateful to have been there with everyone that was there. 

 I was able to do two classes teaming up with Rising Light at the Tribal Council Dome! Tribal Council is the reason Rising Light even exists this day. Shea and Johnny went to a festival last year called Three Days of Light and Tribal Council was there teaching. Both of them attended play shops and learned lots important wisdom to pass on. They were inspired to start something like this in Tampa/St Petersburg area. We were so honored to be able to contribute some of our knowledge and share what we are passionate about there. Saturday I led a meditation class that was a chakra sound vibration and we all held hands and cleared each of our own chakras out by expressing different sounds together. Sunday I taught Bella Healing, which is beautiful healing teaching mainly about our energy body and the seven main chakra systems. We learned how important it is to be thankful for all the small things. Even thanking doors for opening and how to do meditations which allow more doors to open for you. You can sit quietly and visualize a hallway of closed doors. Then one opens with shining white/golden light. You walk to the door and walk into the light. Once you are ready(however long you feel), you walk out of the room and walk into the next door that opens with white light. So easy, simple, and yet powerful to do. You will start to notice how many opportunities will open up for you. We practiced the nine breath method inspired from Qi Gong School president, Jeff Primack, which I learned at a Qi Activation that teaches about food chemistry, Qi Gong, breath empowerment, and foot reflexology. Here is the link to the demonstration I made that is easy to follow and understand. Please contact me if you have any questions.  

CLICK HERE FOR THE 9 Breath Method we practiced this weekend.

****************** Remember when drinking water to say thank you and I love you. Sending this intention into the water forms the water to the vibration of love and gratitude, which moves through your body giving it that intention. Love and Gratitude are some of the highest vibrations of this Universe. We are 70% made out of water and Earth is 70% water. We are both made out of the same molecules. We both breathe through each other. All of us can heal ourselves with water and intention in every present moment.  Of course listen to your own heart and go to the doctor in serious cases. I am simply referring to headaches, body aches, weight issues, emotional issues, depressions, and balancing issues. 

Outline of our experience for our Chakra Meditation and Bella Healing (Saturday and Sunday):

We are made out of five main bodies and seven main chakra systems. The main bodies are our physical, etheric (energy), emotional, mental, and spiritual. Our seven main chakras are the Root-Securities/Material World, Sacral-Desires/Visualizations, Solar Plexus-Power/Self Esteem, Heart-Compassion/Love, Throat/Ear-Communication/Perception , Third Eye- Intuition/Inner knowing, & Crown-Soul Collective/Source. We are energy and are vibrating at different frequencies. When we use sound during our meditation it helps balance and clear out, causing our frequency to raise higher. This helps us feel happy, balanced, satisfied, fulfilled, and rooted in all we do.  Each energy chakra connects to a different sound that helps the process of balancing energy. (SEE BELOW) The physical body & other solid matter is vibrating at lower frequencies in which enables our eyes to see the vibrations. Our mental world is creating the vibrational world to exist in to our vision. (Hence why Eastern philosophy say a mind with no thoughts creates pure bliss) Thoughts are lower vibrations and with too many in the way, they get in the way of our true self shining fully. Meditation helps with quieting your thoughts and gets you through mental agitation. We live in a world that calls for balance at all times. We must salute our thoughts and say thank you to our own mind. We are saying thank you for being a servant to whatever we want to create. This is part of the law of attraction; Law of the Universe, Cause and Effect. Using positive affirmations help us keep our mind and intellectual body balanced with the rest of our bodies. (SEE BELLA HEALING ON FACEBOOK FOR AFFIRMATIONS) 

Although with more and more people waking up, the energies around us are soaring with speed and rapidly manifesting. We are realizing how powerful we all are. That which we think is what we create in our world. For when we lessen our thought process and consciously quiet our minds we allow our higher presence to move through and truly empower our lives. It comes through and connects with our intuition, which is our god given gift at birth. When our higher presences connects with our intuition, it connects to our heart which connects with our intentions and will power. Our willpower connects with our dreams/visions and then connect to our survival in life. Our securities remain strong and connected with our higher presence, causing pure balance in our lives which will ultimately bring complete happiness. When we meditate and balance all bodies, we allow all our chakras to fully open allowing the flow of energy that no longer serves us to be recycled into Mother Earth. We are helping in the balance of the Universe, which is called for in this give and receive world. Please practice the chakra opening balancing meditation daily or at least weekly. Do your own research on all your chakras. I will write shortly a more in depth blog on chakras coming soon. Thank you for reading all the way through, for you are always helping yourself and all those around you when you read about beautiful healing. We are as a collective soul healing and growing together. Every living thing is growing which in a sense means our purpose is to grow so why not grow together?


Root -UH (AS IN CUP)
Sacral -OO (
Solar Plexus- OH (
Heart- AH (
Throat- EYE (
Third Eye- AYE (
Crown- EE (

Do These sounds in order from Root to Crown then mix them up accordingly to feeling. Do for at least 5 minutes until as long as heart desires. You can feel which chakra needs more sound :) This helps clear and balance your chakras. ♥ much love. Please contact Shawnee Faye Hunter if you have any questions anytime. Thank you! 

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  1. I will be writing more on the Emotional body and Spiritual body soon!


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