Sunday, August 4, 2013

Empathy & Sympathy: Learn How To Give & Receive Equally

A lot of people (including myself) fear the very thought of thinking about the past. The past is vital in changing your future and I believe a lot of people are learning this. Although with the fear there, we block out the past of negative situations. Like I said I do this do too, we are here evolving together. We are growing together and learning, hence the reason I love to write and share experiences.
 It is very important to live in the present using the past as an aid to help you grow in your light and vibration. I know some people who live in the past all the time, causing pain in their present. Send love to people you know who do this. Encourage them to see the beauty in present moments. To be thankful for the small things. 

I was born in Texas and we lived there for 8 years moving around a lot while there. After times got tough there my family moved to Pennsylvania and that was the best part of my childhood. Everything for the most part was "normal" life for a child. After 13 years of my life not really knowing my real dad, my step father moved us to Florida to be closer to be closer to him. We moved to a part of town in Florida that was not the best to be raised in. It was lower income housing, lots of robbery, drugs, and negative influences. I am an indigo child and we are very stubborn, independent, strong-willed, and ruthless with whatever it is we put our mind too. At the time I was adamant about helping other people that had issues with drugs and robbery. I dated this guy for almost 2 years at 16 who was addicted to a hard drug and he was a dealer. I ended up with him in the first place because I wanted to help him. I saw the light in him and knew he would be better off without the drugs. With stubbornness on my side, I ended up at his level, quick. Addicted to a hard drug that stole part of my teenage life I was walking with the devil. I remember having thoughts about how I wanted to feel "normal" again. I wanted to be and feel myself true self again. After terrible circumstances happened I got off the hard drug and with time healed myself. 

empathy1With 20/20 hindsight I learned the lesson of sympathy vs. empathy. Sympathy is when you stoop to their level and go out of your way to help someone in need. Empathy is when you send love or prayers to the person who needs help. Of course there will be a fine line between the two, though I want you to get a clear message here. When someone comes into your life who is always complaining, always negative, hypochondriac, not happy with self, fake, or jealous, send them simple, yet powerful love and prayer. They are searching for someone to "help" them in some way and ways that work best are the thoughts of good will for that person. In this scenario, this is empathy. The difference between the two have such a gigantic impact on the outcome of your life and the other person. When you give someone sympathy, you are enabling them which is, in a sense stooping to their level. In the past I have had multiple occasions where I have created such turmoil for myself because of going out of my way to help people. To give just a couple examples, at least 3 times I have moved people into my home because of guilt trips on me easily influencing me to sway their way. Although I know each time it happened, it happened for great reason. Reason of which I am fulfilling now and everyday forward. To give the lesson to those who trust my words and feelings.  As for myself I will not allowing it to happen again.
 Imagine yourself standing on a chair and energy wise you are happy, healthy, and rooted. You see someone you know standing on the ground and energy wise they are negative, always unhappy, and unstable. You, being a huge hearted human being wants to help the other person standing on the ground. Although when you try to lift someone onto your level up on the chair, it is very hard when they are not trying as well. They are heavy energy for you to lift up without their own help. Your friend on the ground wants to continue being the way they are because episodes haven't happened yet in order for them to want to change. You still want to help them onto the chair with you because you feel so happy and you only want them to feel this too. Although with energy, it is a lot easy for that person to grab your arm and pull you down to their level on the ground, forcing you to feel the way they do. Now you are unhappy, unhealthy, and unstable. Be the strong person you are and remember that person will climb their ass on that chair just like you did. When they are ready, they will take the hand of someone reaching out willing to help. This is very key in your emotional, mental, and spiritual evolution.  Now I am not saying hey guys do not help people in need. I am sharing stories of my life with you because sharing is caring. The difference between sympathy and empathy are not to be taken too far. This comparison is to bring up the awareness one should have with dealing with real life encounters. We are healing right now in this day and age. We have been going through so much together. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are worthy of self love. Hug yourself, you deserve it, you God or Goddess.  I love you all and really appreciate you guys reading messages. I have so much to learn still and so much to teach still. Look forward to writing more soon. beautiful111

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  1. Wow. You are so amazing! Thanks so much for sharing, you are so courageous to share your personal stories to help inspire others. I love you and am so blessed to be with you on this amazing voyage! We are definitely soul sisters! XoXo


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