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Heart in Prison? How to Break Free and Remember Divine Love

heartin 250x83 Heart in Prison? How to Break Free and Remember Divine Love
You find yourself at the wrong place at the wrong time and fallen into disarray. You are locked in prison and have no one there to help you. You’re scared, palms sweaty and looking around for guidance. How could this happen to you? Out of all the people in the world, this is happening to you. This is a story about all my brothers and my sisters, including myself. We have carried self-hate around for years and now is the time to let go and forgive.
Now is the time to break through this heaviness that has been created and push through the storm holding hands of love. Our hearts have been locked in prison and we forgot we have the key to unlock it.
We will break free and remember the divine love we all are. We will manifest all of our heart’s desires.

 Heart in Prison? How to Break Free and Remember Divine Love
Our hearts tend to get closed from the poison all around us with tv, media, and societal upbringings. We have been accustomed to being okay with having a heart in prison. This is not okay, we deserve better than this! We deserve to fly with the birds, free to help lift up the rest of society. Ultimately, everyone’s deeper goal is to behold true happiness. One must love oneself, know oneself, and accept who you are. Then, acknowledge we are the cause of our own lives. We create everything that comes to existence. We must forgive ourselves and step into the land of rainbows and unicorns of real truth and happiness.
Our hearts carry the wand of love to bring forth all we truly desire.
 Heart in Prison? How to Break Free and Remember Divine Love
Have you hugged yourself lately?
We are all human, evolving, learning and growing together. It is imperative we do not judge others or our self. We have to shield and block out any negative energy that will not allow us to grow.
For instance, if you are in a room with someone having a terrible day and you feel their stress, visualize white light around you. This white light is from the flow of the Universe given to us as our divine birth right. This will protect you from feeling their energy and it send light to them helping them create a better day for themselves.
We can pick up on energies all around us and we must remain on guard to protect ourselves from creating future mishaps. Forgiving yourself and others, letting go of negative energy, and choosing not to hate yourself will break you free. Self pity, regret, or blaming others will never release a heart and that is eternal captivity. It is our heart’s right to have what it truly desires and that is always going to be happiness.
Adam Quanah Lay, my oldest brother, is locked in a real prison for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. He chose to help a so-called friend get on his feet. Well this “friend” shot and murdered two people. Adam had know idea and pawned a camera that was from the house which linked him to the murder. He thought the “friend” was lying about the murder. Adam just wanted his “friend” out of his life and his house. His friend did not have an I.D. so Adam pawned the camera never knowing what was about to happen. Next, Adam is being arrested for accessory to murder. He did not have a true lawyer and he took the plea of guilty for 35 years. It was that or life. He had no true case and was not sure of what he was doing. Now, 15 years later he is still there. We hired partner lawyers to do an appeal a couple years back but they pocketed the money. $50,000 later, we have no appeal, money stolen, and Adam still in prison. In three years he has parole and I have faith that we will find a lawyer who knows how to help. One day he will be out with us building his own life.
  Heart in Prison? How to Break Free and Remember Divine Love
To hide the key to your heart is to risk forgetting where you placed it. -Timothy Childers
This is a story that connects to my heart. He is in prison and has a spirit of a saint. His heart is so free and opens to light and love. I am so proud of the way he carries himself and his positive attitude. He is an amazing man who gives great advice. He works in also goes to college in the prison. I have learned a lot about this because I am very careful with who I spend my personal time with. I believe life will come around and break him free from prison. I know he is a great man and would be such an amazing asset to our society. This is an example of someone who could easily fall to regret and misery just to find he is living in the past. He chooses to have his heart free and he does this well. I am proud to say that Adam Quanah Lay is my oldest brother and I look up to him in many ways.
heart chakra Heart in Prison? How to Break Free and Remember Divine Love
“One love, one heart, one destiny.”
― Bob Marley
Do you feel like you are walking around in this world with your heart free or in prison? You will know right away what the answer is. Seeing your inner love and beauty in each present moment is an attribution of a free heart. Do you go to work with a deep breath thinking, “I love what I am doing because I am fulfilling my hearts desire?’
When hearts are locked in prisons we’ve created, we forgot how it feels to love ourselves and how to know everything is alright. The matter of knowing God is the restoraion of forgotten memory. My brother is in prison physically but his heart is free. Some of us are walking around with our freedom and our hearts are closed or in prison.
Now is the time to take a deep look inside and ask yourself what would someone that loved themselves do? Now is the time to let go of the past and mis-creations. Now is the time to be present and be thankful for all the small things you have in your life. When do you choose to unlock your heart? You are holding the key in your hand right now……
Shawnee Faye Hunter
freeheart 250x168 Heart in Prison? How to Break Free and Remember Divine Love
Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it. – Braveheart.

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