Friday, March 28, 2014

Letter from the Child

Here is a letter from an innocent child:

"Dear Mommy,
Dear Daddy,
I am alone. I hear you yell at me, but I do not understand why. I am scared and confused. I do not understand why you are so angry. I only do what I think to be right, I only do what I am taught, only what I see. I get yelled at for that. Please help me, because I am hurting. I see people smiling but I do not know why they smile. I see people wave and I do not know why they wave. Why do you never smile? Why are you never waving at other people? Are we all the same? We have to eat, drink, and live all the same, right? I sometimes see Angels around me when I am alone. They give me hope and remind me to pray for you. I see you are not happy ever and you come home from work mad. I see that you are tired. May I give you a foot massage? Will that make you happy? I just want you to love me. I went to my friend's house and I saw their parents kissing. Why do you guys never kiss? I see how nice they are to each other, although you guys are not. I am only writing this because I want you to be happy. I want to smile and play happily, but I can't when I know you are sad.  I want to get hugs and love.  I want to see you smile. I beg and will be on my knees, begging this from you. Please kiss me goodnight before I go to sleep. Please know that I love you. I forgive you for all the yelling, and I promise I will do better. Let's do better together.
Your baby."

Another reminder:

There are so many children out there that are hurting. They only seek love and acceptance. Before a parent is able to give their child love and acceptance they must give it to themselves. Be strong. Be there as a support system for the child. They need you and rely on you.
 If you are going through a tough time, remain strong for you child. They are our building blocks and need to see more faith in their parents. Much love to all and on Earth goodwill to man.

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