Saturday, March 29, 2014

Intentional Prayer and Poem

Being guided across the wind

Echoes of trees beneath the folly

Birds circling turtles with pilot's assistance

Stripes on zebras collaborate with polka dots

World reform mountains of hope

Teaching flowers how to bloom

Songs of rivers and indian treasures

Echoing papayas hanging on branches

Angels doing the guiding while choosing to sing

Little people calling answering the trees

Wrapping hope in a ribbon

To give to the children 

Your skin, your eyes, your smile

Yes, go on for miles 

Stretches your toes and massage your nose

The taste you love and it looks like a dove

Forever we cherish temples galore

With fountains of chocolate floating smores

Over fires so high, bonfires create the skies

Black then blue we hallow the moon

And shout for the cue to send out 

The monkeys to gather bananas

Then scout for precious fountains

 Of youth to pour on your vessel 

Young or old it doesn't matter

Are your intentions true 

Or do they spatter?? 

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