Wednesday, August 21, 2013

LEARN HOW TO: Bathe Your Emotional Body

Emotionally, some of us are bruised, battered and beaten! Doesn't matter how we got there because pointing fingers never solved anything. Even pointing fingers at ourselves will not pamper that emotional body, who is crying out for some love. We get into the rat race of life, forget about our feelings, how to tender, love, and care for them when needed. Create Balance!!

Here is a few EASY ways to help bathe and balance our own emotions during our everyday life. I say bathe simply being, our emotional body subconsciously connects with water. We are made out of mostly molecules of water and so is Mother Earth. Lets give back to our selves and to our Mother, for now is the time to do so! 

Are you living your life in a state of bliss and happy to be alive? Do you wake up in the morning with intention to do something great to contribute to the world we live in? 

Are you living your life lost, confused, unhappy, and mad you are alive? Do you wake up in the morning not knowing why you are going to work doing the same old thing day in day out?

When you live your life in a state of bliss, you are fulfilling your god-given right to do so. This is challenging to do so because when emotionally bruised we attract that emotionally bruised situation. To break the ongoing pattern of situations arising, we must be very diligent, never giving up! 

  • Ask yourself, "What would Someone that loved themselves do?" 
  • Forgive yourself for past situations. Let go of feelings that no longer serve your highest good.
  • Understand we are in this together.
  • Filter your thoughts and eliminate negative ones about yourself and others.
  • Notice when you have a negative thought about yourself or others. Replace it with something more powerful. For instance, thought- "I can never do that right every time I try" Then ouch, you notice you said something negative toward yourself. Your replacement thought is, " I am getting better and better each time I try this" 
  • Give yourself baths, light candles, listen to soothing music at least once a week! 
  • HUG YOURSELF! You are worthy of this action!!!!
  • Do not condemn or judge others for their actions. Everyone has their own path and that is not yours! When you condemn others, you are condemning yourself. Take a look inside when you notice yourself always gossiping. 
  • Write down all the things you are thankful for in your life. Keep a journal of gratitude. 
  • Create a God-Box. Any box or container you can put pieces of affirmations, goals, prayers, or anything you wish into it. Our angels are always waiting to help, we only need to give them permission to do so! 
  • Create a dream board. A corkboard that you can put all your aspirations and dreams on. THIS IS A GREAT TOOL!!! 
  • Bella Healing  Click on this link to Bella Healing Facebook. This is an affirmations page I've created to help myself and others. The photos have the affirmation. Pick one a day and set your intention each morning. Affirmations help connect to your mental body which helps with the diligent work needed to be done to heal your emotional body. For example some great affirmations are below.
  • Turn off the television and go outside for a nature walk. 
  • Dance your heart out when you go out to party. Who cares what people think about you?
  • Sing or hum in public, being happy is contagious! 
  • Create time to be with yourself, and meditate! People say they don't have time to meditate- GET REAL- You have time to watch an episode of True Blood, you have time to meditate! PLUS when you meditate, you gain more time anyways. YOU WILL SEE.
  • Join a yoga class. Yoga is easy, beneficial for all, and it's best friends with your emotions!
  • LAUGH!!!!!!! Laughing is an all around medicine that works for all diseases! Even if you have to turn on some Family Guy, just LAUGH!
  • When drinking water, THINK/VISUALIZE "THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS NUTRITION-I LOVE YOU!" The water will move through your body with this vibration which will make you feel uplifted, satisfied, and happy. According to Dr Masaru Emoto, Author and Entrepreneur, water carries a molecule structure of higher or lower vibration when the human consciousness visualizes or thinks that frequency into the water.  For instance, when visualizing or feeling hate the water will separate causing it to look confused or disoriented under the microscope. If the water has positive intention like, gratitude or self love, it will reflect that in the molecule, causing the molecule to be full, beautiful, whole and connected. Everytime I drink water I think I love you and thank you so much for this nutrition. It make the world of difference. TRY IT! 

Essential Oils can help alleviate some emotion burdens you may have as well. Grapefruit, mandarin, and tangerine quell the anxiety and stimulate productivity. Healing with Essential Oils Click here for a whole page of essential oils to help with emotional healing.
The chinese medicine says that the liver is connect to the emotional expressions. Here are some herbs that help protect and heal the liver. Dandelion cleanses the liver and helps support healthy emotional expression.  Milk thistle protects and restores the liver. Schisandra berry protects the liver from toxins and emotional anxiety. Chrysanthemum flower cleanses the liver and clears toxins. White peony root soothes the liver and balances moods.

It is important to accept yourself as you are, this means with all the emotions. We are human, so it is inevitable we will feel sad, mad, angry, happy, excited, and so on. Balance is key and I want everyone to know, it does not help for you to beat yourself up for feeling any of these emotions. Our emotions talk to us so that we may adjust certain areas of our life. This simply means we need to do less of one thing and more of another. Go over the list I created and see what areas of your life you can adjust accordingly to create that balance. 

If you or anybody you know needs to talk to someone for emotional support, please contact me. - I am very happy to help in any way that I possibly can. Thank you for reading! 

Pick one affirmation a day to focus on! <3 You are getting better and better I can feel it!! :D
  • Everyday and in every way I am getting better and better. 
  • Everything I need is coming to me easily and effortlessly.
  •  My life is blossoming in total perfection.
  • I have everything I need to enjoy my here and now. 
  • I am the Master of my life. 
  • Everything I need is already within me, perfect wisdom is in my heart. 
  • I am whole and complete in myself. 
  • I love and appreciate myself just as I am. 
  • I accept all of my feelings as apart of me. 
  • I love to love and be loved. 
  • The more I love myself the more love I have to give to others.   
  • I now give and receive love freely. 
  • I am now attracting loving, satisfying relationships into my life. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bella Healing - Unitus

Watching stars pass away welcoming new ones to be born, receiving love from them; energy pouring from our hearts as we lay in awe! Shea, Johnny, Trina, Patty and I got to lay on a hill and watch the stars dance from the meteorite at Unitus on The Cherokee Farms. This was one of  many of my own highlights at the festival this past weekend. Copious Jones was another of course! They really rocked it and sang to all the souls who attended plus more! Rising Light was honored to share knowledge from happiness, to community, to chem-free living, and how to heal ourselves. We also got to learn from all the other classes like how to make kombucha, permaculture, live self sufficiently and nature meditations. Michael Garfield was able to bless us with his presence by playing his guitar and keeping us entertained with the Google + glasses. He is such an amazing soul and I always get so high hanging out with him. Patty was giving away orgonite to all that he met, spreading all that good lovin' he has to offer! Brandi and I met some guys name Michael and Nick who were helping to promote another great music festival called Revolution in Asheville NC the last weekend of September. All profits are going to help a wonderful cause that will contribute to building EarthShips. These EarthShips are affordable houses made out of all recycled materials, completely self sustaining, giving back to our Mother Earth. There were so many other people there that we met and thankful to have done so! We are spreading all that love, creating win-win situations everywhere. All moments this past weekend there were priceless, knowledgeable and I am so grateful to have been there with everyone that was there. 

 I was able to do two classes teaming up with Rising Light at the Tribal Council Dome! Tribal Council is the reason Rising Light even exists this day. Shea and Johnny went to a festival last year called Three Days of Light and Tribal Council was there teaching. Both of them attended play shops and learned lots important wisdom to pass on. They were inspired to start something like this in Tampa/St Petersburg area. We were so honored to be able to contribute some of our knowledge and share what we are passionate about there. Saturday I led a meditation class that was a chakra sound vibration and we all held hands and cleared each of our own chakras out by expressing different sounds together. Sunday I taught Bella Healing, which is beautiful healing teaching mainly about our energy body and the seven main chakra systems. We learned how important it is to be thankful for all the small things. Even thanking doors for opening and how to do meditations which allow more doors to open for you. You can sit quietly and visualize a hallway of closed doors. Then one opens with shining white/golden light. You walk to the door and walk into the light. Once you are ready(however long you feel), you walk out of the room and walk into the next door that opens with white light. So easy, simple, and yet powerful to do. You will start to notice how many opportunities will open up for you. We practiced the nine breath method inspired from Qi Gong School president, Jeff Primack, which I learned at a Qi Activation that teaches about food chemistry, Qi Gong, breath empowerment, and foot reflexology. Here is the link to the demonstration I made that is easy to follow and understand. Please contact me if you have any questions.  

CLICK HERE FOR THE 9 Breath Method we practiced this weekend.

****************** Remember when drinking water to say thank you and I love you. Sending this intention into the water forms the water to the vibration of love and gratitude, which moves through your body giving it that intention. Love and Gratitude are some of the highest vibrations of this Universe. We are 70% made out of water and Earth is 70% water. We are both made out of the same molecules. We both breathe through each other. All of us can heal ourselves with water and intention in every present moment.  Of course listen to your own heart and go to the doctor in serious cases. I am simply referring to headaches, body aches, weight issues, emotional issues, depressions, and balancing issues. 

Outline of our experience for our Chakra Meditation and Bella Healing (Saturday and Sunday):

We are made out of five main bodies and seven main chakra systems. The main bodies are our physical, etheric (energy), emotional, mental, and spiritual. Our seven main chakras are the Root-Securities/Material World, Sacral-Desires/Visualizations, Solar Plexus-Power/Self Esteem, Heart-Compassion/Love, Throat/Ear-Communication/Perception , Third Eye- Intuition/Inner knowing, & Crown-Soul Collective/Source. We are energy and are vibrating at different frequencies. When we use sound during our meditation it helps balance and clear out, causing our frequency to raise higher. This helps us feel happy, balanced, satisfied, fulfilled, and rooted in all we do.  Each energy chakra connects to a different sound that helps the process of balancing energy. (SEE BELOW) The physical body & other solid matter is vibrating at lower frequencies in which enables our eyes to see the vibrations. Our mental world is creating the vibrational world to exist in to our vision. (Hence why Eastern philosophy say a mind with no thoughts creates pure bliss) Thoughts are lower vibrations and with too many in the way, they get in the way of our true self shining fully. Meditation helps with quieting your thoughts and gets you through mental agitation. We live in a world that calls for balance at all times. We must salute our thoughts and say thank you to our own mind. We are saying thank you for being a servant to whatever we want to create. This is part of the law of attraction; Law of the Universe, Cause and Effect. Using positive affirmations help us keep our mind and intellectual body balanced with the rest of our bodies. (SEE BELLA HEALING ON FACEBOOK FOR AFFIRMATIONS) 

Although with more and more people waking up, the energies around us are soaring with speed and rapidly manifesting. We are realizing how powerful we all are. That which we think is what we create in our world. For when we lessen our thought process and consciously quiet our minds we allow our higher presence to move through and truly empower our lives. It comes through and connects with our intuition, which is our god given gift at birth. When our higher presences connects with our intuition, it connects to our heart which connects with our intentions and will power. Our willpower connects with our dreams/visions and then connect to our survival in life. Our securities remain strong and connected with our higher presence, causing pure balance in our lives which will ultimately bring complete happiness. When we meditate and balance all bodies, we allow all our chakras to fully open allowing the flow of energy that no longer serves us to be recycled into Mother Earth. We are helping in the balance of the Universe, which is called for in this give and receive world. Please practice the chakra opening balancing meditation daily or at least weekly. Do your own research on all your chakras. I will write shortly a more in depth blog on chakras coming soon. Thank you for reading all the way through, for you are always helping yourself and all those around you when you read about beautiful healing. We are as a collective soul healing and growing together. Every living thing is growing which in a sense means our purpose is to grow so why not grow together?


Root -UH (AS IN CUP)
Sacral -OO (
Solar Plexus- OH (
Heart- AH (
Throat- EYE (
Third Eye- AYE (
Crown- EE (

Do These sounds in order from Root to Crown then mix them up accordingly to feeling. Do for at least 5 minutes until as long as heart desires. You can feel which chakra needs more sound :) This helps clear and balance your chakras. ♥ much love. Please contact Shawnee Faye Hunter if you have any questions anytime. Thank you! 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Empathy & Sympathy: Learn How To Give & Receive Equally

A lot of people (including myself) fear the very thought of thinking about the past. The past is vital in changing your future and I believe a lot of people are learning this. Although with the fear there, we block out the past of negative situations. Like I said I do this do too, we are here evolving together. We are growing together and learning, hence the reason I love to write and share experiences.
 It is very important to live in the present using the past as an aid to help you grow in your light and vibration. I know some people who live in the past all the time, causing pain in their present. Send love to people you know who do this. Encourage them to see the beauty in present moments. To be thankful for the small things. 

I was born in Texas and we lived there for 8 years moving around a lot while there. After times got tough there my family moved to Pennsylvania and that was the best part of my childhood. Everything for the most part was "normal" life for a child. After 13 years of my life not really knowing my real dad, my step father moved us to Florida to be closer to be closer to him. We moved to a part of town in Florida that was not the best to be raised in. It was lower income housing, lots of robbery, drugs, and negative influences. I am an indigo child and we are very stubborn, independent, strong-willed, and ruthless with whatever it is we put our mind too. At the time I was adamant about helping other people that had issues with drugs and robbery. I dated this guy for almost 2 years at 16 who was addicted to a hard drug and he was a dealer. I ended up with him in the first place because I wanted to help him. I saw the light in him and knew he would be better off without the drugs. With stubbornness on my side, I ended up at his level, quick. Addicted to a hard drug that stole part of my teenage life I was walking with the devil. I remember having thoughts about how I wanted to feel "normal" again. I wanted to be and feel myself true self again. After terrible circumstances happened I got off the hard drug and with time healed myself. 

empathy1With 20/20 hindsight I learned the lesson of sympathy vs. empathy. Sympathy is when you stoop to their level and go out of your way to help someone in need. Empathy is when you send love or prayers to the person who needs help. Of course there will be a fine line between the two, though I want you to get a clear message here. When someone comes into your life who is always complaining, always negative, hypochondriac, not happy with self, fake, or jealous, send them simple, yet powerful love and prayer. They are searching for someone to "help" them in some way and ways that work best are the thoughts of good will for that person. In this scenario, this is empathy. The difference between the two have such a gigantic impact on the outcome of your life and the other person. When you give someone sympathy, you are enabling them which is, in a sense stooping to their level. In the past I have had multiple occasions where I have created such turmoil for myself because of going out of my way to help people. To give just a couple examples, at least 3 times I have moved people into my home because of guilt trips on me easily influencing me to sway their way. Although I know each time it happened, it happened for great reason. Reason of which I am fulfilling now and everyday forward. To give the lesson to those who trust my words and feelings.  As for myself I will not allowing it to happen again.
 Imagine yourself standing on a chair and energy wise you are happy, healthy, and rooted. You see someone you know standing on the ground and energy wise they are negative, always unhappy, and unstable. You, being a huge hearted human being wants to help the other person standing on the ground. Although when you try to lift someone onto your level up on the chair, it is very hard when they are not trying as well. They are heavy energy for you to lift up without their own help. Your friend on the ground wants to continue being the way they are because episodes haven't happened yet in order for them to want to change. You still want to help them onto the chair with you because you feel so happy and you only want them to feel this too. Although with energy, it is a lot easy for that person to grab your arm and pull you down to their level on the ground, forcing you to feel the way they do. Now you are unhappy, unhealthy, and unstable. Be the strong person you are and remember that person will climb their ass on that chair just like you did. When they are ready, they will take the hand of someone reaching out willing to help. This is very key in your emotional, mental, and spiritual evolution.  Now I am not saying hey guys do not help people in need. I am sharing stories of my life with you because sharing is caring. The difference between sympathy and empathy are not to be taken too far. This comparison is to bring up the awareness one should have with dealing with real life encounters. We are healing right now in this day and age. We have been going through so much together. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are worthy of self love. Hug yourself, you deserve it, you God or Goddess.  I love you all and really appreciate you guys reading messages. I have so much to learn still and so much to teach still. Look forward to writing more soon. beautiful111

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Heart in Prison? How to Break Free and Remember Divine Love

heartin 250x83 Heart in Prison? How to Break Free and Remember Divine Love
You find yourself at the wrong place at the wrong time and fallen into disarray. You are locked in prison and have no one there to help you. You’re scared, palms sweaty and looking around for guidance. How could this happen to you? Out of all the people in the world, this is happening to you. This is a story about all my brothers and my sisters, including myself. We have carried self-hate around for years and now is the time to let go and forgive.
Now is the time to break through this heaviness that has been created and push through the storm holding hands of love. Our hearts have been locked in prison and we forgot we have the key to unlock it.
We will break free and remember the divine love we all are. We will manifest all of our heart’s desires.

 Heart in Prison? How to Break Free and Remember Divine Love
Our hearts tend to get closed from the poison all around us with tv, media, and societal upbringings. We have been accustomed to being okay with having a heart in prison. This is not okay, we deserve better than this! We deserve to fly with the birds, free to help lift up the rest of society. Ultimately, everyone’s deeper goal is to behold true happiness. One must love oneself, know oneself, and accept who you are. Then, acknowledge we are the cause of our own lives. We create everything that comes to existence. We must forgive ourselves and step into the land of rainbows and unicorns of real truth and happiness.
Our hearts carry the wand of love to bring forth all we truly desire.
 Heart in Prison? How to Break Free and Remember Divine Love
Have you hugged yourself lately?
We are all human, evolving, learning and growing together. It is imperative we do not judge others or our self. We have to shield and block out any negative energy that will not allow us to grow.
For instance, if you are in a room with someone having a terrible day and you feel their stress, visualize white light around you. This white light is from the flow of the Universe given to us as our divine birth right. This will protect you from feeling their energy and it send light to them helping them create a better day for themselves.
We can pick up on energies all around us and we must remain on guard to protect ourselves from creating future mishaps. Forgiving yourself and others, letting go of negative energy, and choosing not to hate yourself will break you free. Self pity, regret, or blaming others will never release a heart and that is eternal captivity. It is our heart’s right to have what it truly desires and that is always going to be happiness.
Adam Quanah Lay, my oldest brother, is locked in a real prison for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. He chose to help a so-called friend get on his feet. Well this “friend” shot and murdered two people. Adam had know idea and pawned a camera that was from the house which linked him to the murder. He thought the “friend” was lying about the murder. Adam just wanted his “friend” out of his life and his house. His friend did not have an I.D. so Adam pawned the camera never knowing what was about to happen. Next, Adam is being arrested for accessory to murder. He did not have a true lawyer and he took the plea of guilty for 35 years. It was that or life. He had no true case and was not sure of what he was doing. Now, 15 years later he is still there. We hired partner lawyers to do an appeal a couple years back but they pocketed the money. $50,000 later, we have no appeal, money stolen, and Adam still in prison. In three years he has parole and I have faith that we will find a lawyer who knows how to help. One day he will be out with us building his own life.
  Heart in Prison? How to Break Free and Remember Divine Love
To hide the key to your heart is to risk forgetting where you placed it. -Timothy Childers
This is a story that connects to my heart. He is in prison and has a spirit of a saint. His heart is so free and opens to light and love. I am so proud of the way he carries himself and his positive attitude. He is an amazing man who gives great advice. He works in also goes to college in the prison. I have learned a lot about this because I am very careful with who I spend my personal time with. I believe life will come around and break him free from prison. I know he is a great man and would be such an amazing asset to our society. This is an example of someone who could easily fall to regret and misery just to find he is living in the past. He chooses to have his heart free and he does this well. I am proud to say that Adam Quanah Lay is my oldest brother and I look up to him in many ways.
heart chakra Heart in Prison? How to Break Free and Remember Divine Love
“One love, one heart, one destiny.”
― Bob Marley
Do you feel like you are walking around in this world with your heart free or in prison? You will know right away what the answer is. Seeing your inner love and beauty in each present moment is an attribution of a free heart. Do you go to work with a deep breath thinking, “I love what I am doing because I am fulfilling my hearts desire?’
When hearts are locked in prisons we’ve created, we forgot how it feels to love ourselves and how to know everything is alright. The matter of knowing God is the restoraion of forgotten memory. My brother is in prison physically but his heart is free. Some of us are walking around with our freedom and our hearts are closed or in prison.
Now is the time to take a deep look inside and ask yourself what would someone that loved themselves do? Now is the time to let go of the past and mis-creations. Now is the time to be present and be thankful for all the small things you have in your life. When do you choose to unlock your heart? You are holding the key in your hand right now……
Shawnee Faye Hunter
freeheart 250x168 Heart in Prison? How to Break Free and Remember Divine Love
Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it. – Braveheart.

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