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LEARN HOW TO: Bathe Your Emotional Body

Emotionally, some of us are bruised, battered and beaten! Doesn't matter how we got there because pointing fingers never solved anything. Even pointing fingers at ourselves will not pamper that emotional body, who is crying out for some love. We get into the rat race of life, forget about our feelings, how to tender, love, and care for them when needed. Create Balance!!

Here is a few EASY ways to help bathe and balance our own emotions during our everyday life. I say bathe simply being,our emotional body subconsciously connects with water. We are made out of mostly molecules of water and so is Mother Earth. Lets give back to our selves and to our Mother, for now is the time to do so! 

Are you living your life in a state of bliss and happy to be alive? Do you wake up in the morning with intention to do something great to contribute to the world we live in? 
Are you living your life lost, confused, unhappy, and mad you are alive? Do you wake up in the morning not knowing why you are go…

Bella Healing - Unitus

Watching stars pass away welcoming new ones to be born, receiving love from them; energy pouring from our hearts as we lay in awe! Shea, Johnny, Trina, Patty and I got to lay on a hill and watch the stars dance from the meteorite at Unitus on The Cherokee Farms. This was one of  many of my own highlights at the festival this past weekend. Copious Jones was another of course! They really rocked it and sang to all the souls who attended plus more! Rising Light was honored to share knowledge from happiness, to community, to chem-free living, and how to heal ourselves. We also got to learn from all the other classes like how to make kombucha, permaculture, live self sufficiently and nature meditations. Michael Garfield was able to bless us with his presence by playing his guitar and keeping us entertained with the Google + glasses. He is such an amazing soul and I always get so high hanging out with him. Patty was giving away orgonite to all that he met, spreading all that good lovin'…

Empathy & Sympathy: Learn How To Give & Receive Equally

A lot of people (including myself) fear the very thought of thinking about the past. The past is vital in changing your future and I believe a lot of people are learning this. Although with the fear there, we block out the past of negative situations. Like I said I do this do too, we are here evolving together. We are growing together and learning, hence the reason I love to write and share experiences.  It is very important tolive in the present using the past as an aid to help you grow in your light and vibration. I know some people who live in the past all the time, causing pain in their present. Send love to people you know who do this. Encourage them to see the beauty in present moments. To be thankful for the small things. 
I was born in Texas and we lived there for 8 years moving around a lot while there. After times got tough there my family moved to Pennsylvania and that was the best part of my childhood. Everything for the most part was "normal" life for a child. Aft…

Heart in Prison? How to Break Free and Remember Divine Love

You find yourself at the wrong place at the wrong time and fallen into disarray. You are locked in prison and have no one there to help you. You’re scared, palms sweaty and looking around for guidance. How could this happen to you? Out of all the people in the world, this is happening to you. This is a story about all my brothers and my sisters, including myself. We have carried self-hate around for years and now is the time to let go and forgive. Now is the time to break through this heaviness that has been created and push through the storm holding hands of love. Our hearts have been locked in prison and we forgot we have the key to unlock it. We will break free and remember the divine love we all are. We will manifest all of our heart’s desires.