Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Aerie Faeries Transformational Voyage V. 3

Nahko, Medicine of the People..... Thank you so much for your inspiration. Dear Elephant Revival, we cherish your melodies and lyrics listening everyday multiple times in fact! The truth that rings from these two bands are infinity unfolding in the people that search and yearn for their true selves. We thank you. Along this trip we have been able to go inside ourselves and learn more about who we are. Who we all are, truly are. The underlying truth that all seek is here right in front of our faces, saying HELLO HERE I AM. I AM that, I AM. I feel us all getting closer each and everyday to this realization and remembrance. The matter of knowing God is the restoration of forgotten memory. It uplifts our hearts to know that we have so many people supporting us in their thoughts. We are working very hard each day and each moment toward our next step. This weekend we are going to the mountains in all great Asheville, NC. We are going to see our St Pete friend who recently moved there. We also plan on attending Hazel Robinson Amp to see a Shakespeare Festival, maybe. We will see what other free workshops there are. Tyler also wants to take us to a really cool crystal shop there, so we can explore that as well. I am excited to find a botanical garden or some sort of beautiful landscape. Maybe we can find someone who has an organic farm we can see. Will touch base on these events later.
“It is a common belief that we breathe with our lungs alone, but in point of fact, the work of breathing is done by the whole body. The lungs play a passive role in the respiratory process. Their expansion is produced by an enlargement, mostly downward, of the thoracic cavity and they collapse when that cavity is reduced. Proper breathing involves the muscles of the head, neck, thorax, and abdomen. It can be shown that chronic tension in any part of the body's musculature interferes with the natural respiratory movements.
Breathing is a rhythmic activity. Normally a person at rest makes approximately 16 to 17 respiratory incursions a minute. The rate is higher in infants and in states of excitation. It is lower in sleep and in depressed persons. The depth of the respiratory wave is another factor which varies with emotional states. Breathing becomes shallow when we are frightened or anxious. It deepens with relaxation, pleasure and sleep. But above all, it is the quality of the respiratory movements that determines whether breathing is pleasurable or not. With each breath a wave can be seen to ascend and descend through the body. The inspiratory wave begins deep in the abdomen with a backward movement of the pelvis. This allows the belly to expand outward. The wave then moves upward as the rest of the body expands. The head moves very slightly forward to suck in the air while the nostrils dilate or the mouth opens. The expiratory wave begins in the upper part of the body and moves downward: the head drops back, the chest and abdomen collapse, and the pelvis rocks forward.
Breathing easily and fully is one of the basic pleasures of being alive. The pleasure is clearly experienced at the end of expiration when the descending wave fills the pelvis with a delicious sensation. In adults this sensation has a sexual quality, though it does not induce any genital feeling. The slight backward and forward movements of the pelvis, similar to the sexual movements, add to the pleasure. Though the rhythm of breathing is pronounced in the pelvic area, it is at the same time experienced by the total body as a feeling of fluidity, softness, lightness and excitement.
The importance of breathing need hardly be stressed. It provides the oxygen for the metabolic processes; literally it supports the fires of life. But breath as "pneuma" is also the spirit or soul. We live in an ocean of air like fish in a body of water. By our breathing we are attuned to our atmosphere. If we inhibit our breathing we isolate ourselves from the medium in which we exist. In all Oriental and mystic philosophies, the breath holds the secret to the highest bliss. That is why breathing is the dominant factor in the practice of Yoga.” 
― Alexander LowenThe Voice of the Body

We are having the time of our lives. Brandi and I are on a fun-filled, hard work-filled, love-filled road trip. We have been to Atlanta Ga (Woodstock), Thornville Oh, Nashville Tn, back to Woodstock Ga, Hartwell Sc and now we are in Spartanburg Sc. We can feel all the love here at the Newman's home. Teri and Bobbie are so sweet and caring. We are definitely thankful for their hospitality in their beautiful home. Tonight I led a group meditation, did some healing work on Teri, Bobbie, and Brandi. Brandi and I are so thankful for each other as well. I can talk to her about anything and vice versa. We are learning so much from one another. She will be also creating her own blog to write in because she has so much inspiration to share as well. Brandi is another ray of sunshine who can bring a deep breath to anyone's body. We are so connected with the passion of learning and teaching self love. We see how truly important it is during this time and age to have that love for yourself so that you may give to others. Each and everyday we are remembering more and more of our true selves. We practice our meditations, yoga, hoola hooping, singing, chores, and remain balanced and grounded.  ONCE AGAIN: The matter of knowing God is the restoration of forgotten memory. This message goes to all who choose to hear. We are messengers of hope who spread light everywhere we go. We feel all the love from home and everywhere from all our friends and family who have us in their thoughts. We also feel your concerns but have no fear we are protected by the most powerful force of protection there is. Which is Archangel Michael's blue energy. :) Thank you again for all of your support in your thoughts and actions. Remember you too are capable powerful beings who are fun-loving gladiators of the YoUniverse with the power of your thoughts to help shape it. With love Aerie Faeires, aka Gypsy Rollers, aka Shawnee Faye and Brandi Danielle  

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Aerie Faeries Transformational Voyage Volume 2

Well, well, well, what do we have here????
A hair on our chiny chin chin???? LOL that's because we do not have our wax kit, and we thought maybe that was not a necessity for out on the road!! HAHA Anyways, we are having the time of our lives.
We discovered we are self already and during this transformational voyage we are coming in contact with so many like minded people. People who are like us just trying to live day in day out with heart so there is some purpose in our lives. Purpose past the tunnel vision, tv consumed, societal upbringings, and fad chasing loony bin filled with corporations to suck us dry. We are living our dream each moment at a time.Traveling with open hearts from the faith and believe of God/Universe and ourselves. Of course this could not happen if we did not have the support like we do from all our friends and family at home. WE THANK YOU ALL!!!  We have been working everyday(haircuts, building arts and craft, cleaning) and camping is not all fun and games!! Although with complete balance we are saving a sacred time of salvation for this weekend at Gratifly in Hartwell, SC. There are no showers but a large creek with a small waterfall! So much better than being next to an interstate at All Good. I am so happy we got to see Furthur and dance with Buddha all weekend. I picked up trash Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and will not work during another festival! It definitely drains you to a point where you can not even see all the music you like! (well thats what it did to me) So happy that we got to go and experience that though because it was a great experience!
IT WAS NOTHING compared to Spirit of the Suwannee. That place will always be happy and home for us Waneetopians! SOS/BOS for life!! I had an amazing friend from Canton OH who partnered with me and helped pick up trash during the festie who camped near us, great guy.We got to meet some buddhist monks who camped right next to us as well and they were so sweet! They played music twice a day once in morning once in evening. They walk around and hand out books asking for donations for the books. They ended up giving us 2 books called The Journey Home and Self Realization. AMAZING PEOPLE they are. Hope to cross paths with them again. On one side of us we had people that lives 10 blocks away from us in St Petersburg, FL! AMAZING because you can not pick where you camp at this large festies so the irony of it all was very impressive! They were a very cute couple who we enjoy camping next to. Behind us was another cute couple from Knoxville, TN and hopefully we get to see them again at Gratifly. Today I get to see Tyler and I AM SOOO STOKED about that..... wrapping my legs around him when I do.... sure do love that man! Anyways, we have been to Atlanta, Ga, Thornville, Oh, Nashville, Tn (BEST HOME COOKED FOOD BY BRANDI'S GRAMMY!! OMG!!! We also got to watch the sunset on Brandi's dads sailboat which was so relaxing and breath-taking!) and now we are back in Atlanta spending time with Momma Tami, Charles, Robs and Rage then headed to SC for Gratifly. We decided that after Unitus we will go stay on an organic farm in NC, so we will update ya and let y'all know how that goes!! Should be a fun two or three weeks filled with tons of knowledge to bring home to Rising Light and our Home Team!
We are having an amazing trip and we thank you all for supporting us with our dream. Life will always have it's ups and down........ learning how to embrace each moment is key... I must say living life with Brandi and meeting all her family has definitely changed my life for the better. All amazing people we have here on this Earth.
I realize how important it is to always be thankful for the small things in life....Imagine if everywhere you went the doors would not physically open up? shit would be pointless and chaotic right?! start small even saying thank you to a DOOR for opening is being thankful for small things...... you will soon realize that doors will be opening up everywhere not only in physical terms..... :)  I love you all and that is it for now- will write more later!!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Aerie Faeries Transformational Voyage

Yay! Today we (Brandi, best friend/partner) hit the road at 11:30am this morning. We are about to get into Atlanta to stay until tomorrow morning. Staying with Brandi's momma dukes :) we got our All Good T-shirts and they look amazing! So excited about this transformational Road Trip. We are so blessed to have one another and for all the friends who are supporting us through this voyage. We will be spreading the light and reaching out to those who are searching for inner love. We have a goal to reach as many people as humanly possible. We are attending play shops at each transformational festival we attend. We will also be happily teaching at Unitus in GA with Rising Light and Tribal Council! How super stoked we Aerie Faeries are!? Pray for our safety while we are on the road <3 . We are sending back all the love we feel along the way. We also are video taping so those will be coming as well. Thank you to ALL of Home Team/Rising Light for such an amazing Summer Jam and start of our Voyage. We are all one community across the country, so I highly recommend gettung involved with your own local community out reach program, if you are not already.. grow together with love. Thank you to every one who attending as well. It was a great success! Thank you to everyone who purchased one of Aerie Faerie's handmade creation! We appreciate all the continued support from the community we love to live in!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer of Transformation

Hi! I am calling this summer of Transformation. I feel all of us are transforming more and more into our true selves each day. All day and everyday we are all getting better and better. This weekend starts an amazing adventure that words will come nowhere near being able to describe. Home Team Summer Jam + Rising Light will be having a transformational music festival in the woods of central/western Fl. All is welcome, bring your sunglasses, bug spray, hammock, coozie, inner/outer smile, open mind, open heart, one love of collective souls we all are, and grooviness, etc.....

My best friend/partner Brandi will be going on a month long road trip traveling to four different transformational music festivals( GA,OH,SC, NC). We will also have Rising Light flyers to hand out and Home Team Festival Ads for the New Year Festival to give. Our goal is to learn as much as possible while at the festivals and also spread greater truths. We wants to take notes and bring back all kind of amazing stuff to teach.  We will be selling our hand-made jewelry & hair bands/pieces for affordable. We will have plenty of pieces at Summer Jam so please come see us near the Rising Light Dome to help support our dream. 

Here is the INCREDIBLE schedule Rising Light has put together for all those conscious soul searching people out there. Sorry this is kind of hard to read but we will have them at the Dome (which you will be able to find very easily, just ask someone ;) -- ) I will be doing a chakra vibration meditation & the 9 breath method twice on Saturday(10am & 3pm). I will do a Bella Healing play shop going over some common knowledge about our 5 bodies so please come see me at 12pm Saturday. Learn how use affirmations and using affirmations changed my life! There is a School of Rock where members of our local music family will be teaching us how to play~! There will also be other awesome hands on classes, just come check it out!!*************
Please come see us for coffee in the morning Saturday and Sunday. We will have a Love Donation cup to add to the funding of the continued community out-reach. ATTENTION**** Bring your own coffee mug. We are giving back to Mother Earth and feel great about it <3 
Rising LIght Schedule for Home Team Summer Jam

Be safe, as always.....
There will be recycling on property so please be CONSCIOUS of throwing away your trash and separating accordingly! Mother Earth Thanks you.

I also want to give a HUGE thank you to Home Team for putting this event on and to everyone is contributing to such an amazing family community lifestyle. Angry Hippies, THANK YOU AS WELL for putting together a bar and donating some much time, effort, and love! Thank you to all the musicians who will be out there jamming hard and soul moving. Most of all I want to thank Shea Buttah and Johnny Nichols for having this vision of Rising Light and expanding awareness of our very own miraculous consciousness we call all one collective soul. Without you guys taking the initiative of doing so this all would not be happening, so much appreciation to you for keeping the dream alive and making it come true. I am so happy to be apart of it and help out in anyway possible!! Us all Creating win-win situations every where, every way, and every day! <3
With Love- Shawnee Faye Hunter

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Freedom Day !

I see how blessed I am to have such amazing friends, family, and all true loves in my life. I am so incredibly thankful for our freedom and I praise the people who allowed all of us to live this way. Let us all remember how truly special we have it. There is at least one child who dies from starvation(not hunger but starvation) every 4 seconds of our life. This is critical right now to remember because we are able to surrender to the larger eye of the world, step up and change our own lives creating only beauty for our future generations to live in. Keep the vision of living with your community and become envolved in all you can be. Even the smallest gesture as smiling at someone you do not know personally can make a change on Mother Earth. Also lets be more conscious of recycling, not littering, conserving water and finding ways to live better hand in hand with Mother Earth. Remember each small step counts and all the small things in life are liquid gold.  Happy Fourth of July Day of Independence!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dear Higher Self

Today I came across a letter to my higher self that I wrote a while back. I want to share it because we are all in this life together. Sharing the same air, the same water, the same body. We are all one and more people are starting to realize this. I want to thank you for reading what I have to share. PLEASE SHARE anything on here. We are here to spread messages of truth, wisdom, and knowledge. I have learned all from other great masters.  =)

Dear Higher Presence, Guide us through this life opening our consciousness every present moment. We allow all energy that no longer serves us to be vacuumed into the light. We trust all light in every single present moment. We support your every feeling allowing our consciousness to open fully to Christ Consciousness. We choose only highest good energy to come into our energy aura. We shield any negative forces. Renewing, transmuting and transforming all negative all negative energy into the light with the use of the God Given Violet Consuming Flame. Saint Germain's Divine Plan will be fulfilled for all God's children with the help from the Great Sanat Kumaras. The use and protection from the wall of blue flame is invincible, invisible, and indestructible by human creation. We thank thee always answer our every call. THANK YOU!!! and so it is..... We all say together AMEN!!

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